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You can grow chestnut in western Siberia

You can grow chestnut in western Siberia

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My mother decided to plant chestnut near her house, but we are not sure that they grow in Western Siberia, closer to the Urals. Can someone tell me whether this is worth doing?


In fact, chestnut loves warmth, so the climatic conditions of Siberia are not entirely suitable for it. But you can still try. But first you need to plant the chestnut in a small pot of sand in the form of a houseplant. When he grows up and gains strength, in late May - early June. It is transplanted into the ground already. You can also purchase in a nursery, and then plant a young tree seedling directly into the ground. It is very important a month before the transplant to take the pot with the plant outside for several hours for hardening.

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