Partial and capital reconstruction of a country house

Reconstruction of a country house can be full or partial, with restoration or repair work, as well as without them. Used for this own sketches and professional projects, but the result of any such work is not only a change in the appearance of the home, but also its amenities and practicality.

suggests discussing this topic in more detail. We will say right away that many moments of this process may already be familiar to our readers, but also in the article you will meet many new and interesting ideas.

Roof and attic work

Often, summer residents have an excellent solution - to build an additional room on the basis of an existing residential building. There can be many types of these works. They are quite responsible, but we will study a few simple ones.

Roof update

If the house is equipped with a flat roof, it can become the basis for the construction of a gazebo or terrace. We already voiced something similar on the site, and therefore we simply remind you that a flat roof is a convenient area for arranging a place for rest. Here you can pull up an awning, install a railing for safety, put country furniture and build a side staircase for lifting and lowering. The load on the foundation will be minimal, and therefore, during the work, strengthening the foundation is not required.

Converting an attic

Another great idea is the transformation of the attic into the second floor. We also have useful textual material about the attic in the attic, and therefore we simply indicate the types of attic. It can be built on the basis of a finished attic, and then the internal reconstruction will be minimal. Partial repair, insulation and interior decoration - all that is needed.

But often there is a more serious replacement, for example, of a conventional gable roof with an attic or tent roof, with a complete transformation of the rafter system. Almost always, such a reconstruction of the roof of a country house requires expert assessment by specialists. Indeed, a completely new design is installed on the walls and floors of the finished building, which can be more voluminous and heavy. In the case of a mansard roof, the weight of the system may practically not change, but if a tent roof is installed with the construction of additional external walls, you should seriously think about the opinions of specialists!

House Roof Replacements

In addition to the reconstruction of the roof, due to which it is possible to form additional living space in the country, one should consider the option when the old roof is changed to a new one. In this case, it is also necessary to consider the possibility of installing a new load-bearing system, calculate the weight of roofing materials, and, possibly, immediately strengthen and repair worn-out supporting parts.

Reconstruction of the walls of a country house

We want to note right away that it is possible to demolish or build new load-bearing walls of a house, but this requires experience, qualifications, special equipment and materials. It is unrealistic to complete such a project with your own hands, and it is undesirable to start, because with such success you can easily destroy your home and, God forbid, suffer yourself. Therefore, such work is only with the participation of relevant specialists and professionally prepared projects.

We will tell you how to ennoble a country house, changing not only its aesthetic qualities, but also the level of energy conservation. Here are some examples on this topic.

Renewal of wooden walls

In houses made of timber or in wooden log cabins, it is possible to replace certain parts of the wall. It often happens that the lower logs rot due to improper basement, and then they have to be replaced with new ones. This is not as problematic as it seems, but special lifting equipment, as well as specialists carrying out the replacement, are still involved in the work.

But there are simpler types of work that owners of wooden houses also often encounter. For example, logs or timber did not rot, but only slightly spoiled. It is at this moment, as soon as defects have been noticed, it is necessary to begin repair.

Initially, preferably in a dry and warm time, high-quality cleaning of the wooden wall and its drying are carried out. Further, treatment with antiseptics and putty, finishing interventional seams. After, a few days after the main work, additional treatment with bioprotection and finishing.

The last stage can be the most diverse, from painting the wall of the house to its full cladding with facade materials.

Repair and reconstruction of wooden walls, as well as decoration and cladding - this is an occasion not only to restore the former bearing capacity and to secure the structure, to decorate it and give it a new look, but also to insulate the house while outdoor work is being carried out.

Reconstruction and decoration of brick walls

If the walls do not need a major overhaul, which is often required for cracks and shifts, major changes may not be necessary. But here it is necessary to protect the basic building materials from the weather and further destruction.

We have already talked about different types of facade decoration of the walls of the house, raised the topic of thermal insulation of buildings with different materials, and therefore this is just a memo. If you notice changes in the walls of the house, think about timely repairs, so as not to bring the matter to an expensive reconstruction.

Cracks, hollows, changes in the planes of wall surfaces - all this is an occasion to think, and maybe even call specialists to assess the situation. The best way to clarify the cause of the damage leading to repair and reconstruction is through pits to check the foundation. If it is in order, only external wall repair is enough.

Reconstruction of a country house

Combination Finish

This type of transformation of the external part of the dwelling can also be attributed to reconstruction work, as certain changes will be made to the building design. The appearance, weight of the finish, additional violation of the planes by the fasteners, the level of moisture permeability and energy saving - all this will change.

Combined decoration is made for various reasons, and can seriously affect the performance of your country house. You can choose the materials yourself, or read thematic articles on our website to get additional information.

Architectural reconstruction: extensions to the house

We have already talked about each of the outbuildings that increase the level of comfort in a country house.

They just mentioned something, about other extensions they had serious conversations, talking about the stages and materials.


If there is no veranda, but it should be, then it is not so difficult to build. It will be a little harder to work with an extension of a heavy type, if it is insulated and intended for life. But we build verandas for relaxation, such arbors close to the house, where you can just sit out in the afternoon sunshine and have tea in the evening.

The veranda is a simple, most often, wooden structure that relies on an elementary foundation, if any, under the building. The summer version is built simply, but the winter one must be tied to the house in order to provide maximum sealing and energy saving.

Terrace and patio are the same relaxation areas. We cannot add them to the list of reconstructions, unless they go deep into the house or are placed on special supports near the house, forming balcony platforms. Speaking of balconies ... we’ll talk about them now.


Balconies are much easier to build if they are included in the project. Then, supporting metal carriers or reinforced concrete slabs are immediately displayed under them. It remains only to install the railing and arrange the balcony at your own discretion.

A little more complicated if you need to build a hinged balcony from scratch. According to the logic of events, it is necessary to cut down the exit to the balcony in the wall, then install supporting bases on the floor area on which the balcony will be located. This work is also for masters of their craft and qualified specialists, who long before the start of work will make all the calculations and establish the possibility of installing a hinged balcony.

If this is not possible, or the summer resident is categorically against paying for such a reconstruction, you need to think about a balcony on stilts. This is the simplest design, but it also requires special calculations. It is built at the level of the first or second floor as a terrace - on wooden or metal supports with a large platform and fences.

This design is much easier to fix, as it has two mounting planes - in the ground and to the wall of the building.

Like patios and verandas, such structures as a winter garden or a simple carport can also be attached to country houses. In the first case, reconstruction should be carried out with emphasis on increased energy saving, in the second - on the correctness of construction and installation in the ground, fastening to the walls of the structure.

Capital reconstruction of a summer residence

Capital work is carried out in case of violation of the structure of the structure, or in order to modernize it according to its own requirements. The list of changes that a residential building can undergo at the same time includes a superstructure of floors, their dismantling, expansion of the building's area, creation of recesses for wine storages, cellars, septic tanks, etc.

We recommend such work not only to coordinate with competent specialists, but also to entrust them with the project completely. Here, experience, safety of the work carried out, as well as guarantees that after reconstruction the country house will be suitable for life, are very important.

Often, companies that specialize in capital reconstruction carry out the following types of work:

  • Foundation work - repair, restoration, reconstruction, as well as building a basement for waterproofing;
  • Strengthening of supporting structures for add-ons or improving existing characteristics, replacement or overhaul of floors;
  • Roofing and facade works based not only on the replacement of materials or cladding of residential buildings, but also on a change in their parameters and characteristics;
  • Direct superstructure of buildings, full and partial, construction of extensions;
  • Facing of country houses, increasing energy saving and service life by repairing and updating materials;
  • Changing the internal architecture with all the additional work involved;
  • Processes related to utilities outside and inside the building;
  • As well as other work that may be provided by the project for the reconstruction of the cottage.

You can immediately say that after evaluating the complexity of the project, you come to the right opinion - to order specialists!

Reconstruction of a country house is very interesting, but also difficult. We agree that many projects can be handled independently, but if the work requires serious architectural changes or rests on the safety of the work performed and future life in the house, then it is better not to experiment.

Seek help from specialized companies with experience, and you will receive a high-quality completion of any project on time!