What is the difference between standard and non-standard varieties of vegetables

We received a question from Antonina Stepanovna: "What is the difference between standard varieties of vegetables and non-standard varieties? What are the features of this and the other species?"

Stamp varieties

Punch molds are more convenient for growing. Harvesting in this case will also be much easier. This species is compact root system, which means that more vegetables will fit on the bed. Standard varieties mature gradually and evenly. Each crop has a high yield. That is, standard varieties are industrial crops. Even with the usual planting scheme, they remain fruitful.

Features of standard varieties

All standard vegetables are compact and have a large number of leaves. At the same time, the leaves are powerful, attached to short cuttings, it seems that they hold the plant in an upright position, and the lower leaves rest on the ground. Fruits can be very different in color and shape. Varieties are less than non-standard.

Standard varieties are a variety of determinants. But their stem is stronger, and the length of the plant is less. Such varieties are undemanding - neither formation nor tying is necessary. The first brush may appear after 4 sheets. The rest are arranged through a couple of sheets.

Non-standard vegetables

Such varieties can have a large number of leaves or, conversely, few leaves, with all plants of low growth. The main difference from the standard ones is a weak stem. He cannot independently keep the weight of the plant and lays on the ground under the weight of the fruit. If you do not tie the culture to the support, you can not expect a good harvest. There will be flowering, ovaries will appear, but since the leaves will be in constant contact with the ground, vegetables can become infected with various fungal diseases.

The leaves of non-standard vegetables can be of different sizes - large and medium, their color can also vary - from light to dark green. Fruits can also be different - flat, in the form of a ball, ribbed, rounded. Their number varies. The color of the fruit is raspberry, white, red, yellow, orange. Non-standard vegetables are mainly grown in the average vegetable garden.

Those who are not ready to carefully care for crops in the garden should prefer the standard varieties. They can be planted and forgotten, the crop will still be high. But mostly non-standard varieties are used on the plots, which need care, trimming and garter.

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