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The apple tree has broken! what to do

The apple tree has broken! what to do

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Hello! This year, after a little warming in the winter, the branches of the apple tree froze and the largest branch broke off from a gust of strong wind! A tree trunk has been damaged. Tell me, please, what can be done? and when is it better to take action: now or wait for spring? Is it possible to somehow plant a branch or is it better to try to heal a wound on the trunk? The main thing is to save the tree! I'd like to save my beloved apple tree!


One has broken off, the other will grow back, a branch with a detrital part needs to be cut as close to the trunk as possible. And after that, she drank the place with garden var. Your tree is too big to plant, and there is no need for this. A broken branch will still dry up and become a hotbed for pests, this is all that can be done in this situation.

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