What colors to create the best autumn flower garden picture from

What colors to create the best autumn flower garden picture from

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After a warm period of the year, any flower garden becomes less attractive. The garden is weakening, its plants wither and take off flowers, only the surface of the earth remains strewn colorful, strewn with dried red, yellow, sometimes brown and greenish leaves. But the situation can be corrected without losing a single gram of mood if autumn blooming flowers grow on your site. They will brighten up the atmosphere, distract from wilted plants, and become a real cradle for a falling asleep garden.

Autumn has always been the brightest time of the year and, despite the approaching cold weather, the garden plots of professional summer residents are decorated not only with an abundance of colors of fallen leaves, but also with many autumn colors. Here you can find all kinds of combinations.

In September, when there is still a little time left before the frosts, we can distinguish the initial period of autumn. The garden is full of dahlias, acidider, gladioli and crocosmia. But this period is not very long and soon many of these flowers will lose their inflorescences, wither and lose their external beauty until next year.

Autumn kaleidoscope: names and photos of flowers

Very often in the fall, before the first frosts, those flowers bloom that began their vibrant life in the summer. There is also a special species, the so-called introduced. Its flowers only by the beginning of autumn begin to bloom. It depends on the conditions of detention and, of course, on our climate.

Many wonderful plants can be attributed to blooming autumn, and some of them we will consider in our article. This is necessary in order to broaden our horizons, to learn new types of autumn plants, to understand which flowers can please us in the fall and to decorate the garden with high quality against the backdrop of general withering.


An example is the autumn crocus, it grows well on rich, fertile soil, develops rapidly, gathers strength and makes us happy with purple, blue and white flowers. What is characteristic, the plant blooms profusely and practically does not externally show its leaves, so that with a dense planting it is even possible to create a “flower carpet”.

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Then there are crocosmia - quite original and attractive plants that came to us from warmer countries. The most interesting is the fact that, in addition to autumn flowering, crocosmia can even winter in our conditions, you just need to create a high-quality protection against moisture. It can be a special plastic film for covering, or a thick layer of dry shavings, approximately 20 cm.


It is impossible to imagine this period without phloxes. These are flowers of various colors and shades of lilac, pink, purple and red. They are striking in their two-tone form of color, which makes plants very pretty and almost exclusive. And more recently, breeders have bred new varieties. They are notable for the fact that they do not bloom completely and the inflorescences stay on the stem a little longer, which allows more time to admire the beautiful flowering.


Monardas are wonderful flowers, the care and cultivation of which are described in detail on our website. You can enjoy their bloom in August and September, observe how a certain part of the garden is fascinated by spherical inflorescences with many small flowers of raspberry, purple, pink, white, red flowers and their various shades. Monards are also interesting with their leaves, which summer residents often replace with bergamot in tea, getting a unique taste and aroma.


Rudbeckia are the next autumn flowers that we would like to remind about. They are quite common in the gardens of our country and look like chamomiles. Most often, yellow rudbeckia, but certain varieties may surprise us with shades of red and brown. A tall (sometimes up to two meters) and strong flower is so unpretentious and resistant to cold weather that it can maintain flowering until the very frost.


The plants blooming in autumn include pretty gelenium. Its inflorescences differ from rudbeckia by smaller flowers, but brighter colors. The plant, most often, consists of small baskets of 3-5 cm, which consist of reed brown, orange, red and yellow colors. It is interesting that monochromatic heleniums, as well as pairs of colors of baskets consisting of them, can be found in nature.


Goldenrod, northern mimosa, autumn mimosa, solidago, gold rod ... you can differently call a plant that can qualitatively complement the design of the garden in late summer and autumn. You can plant goldenrod in group plantings, you can make small flower beds of the same type. It is used in autumn bouquets and perfectly complements winter ones, so try to be sure to find a small corner in your own garden to grow this beautiful plant.


Asters are the real princesses of your garden. Perhaps, no autumn flower garden is complete without this plant. Asters are preparing for flowering at the end of summer, and already at the beginning of autumn we have the opportunity to observe velvety and bright colors. In different regions, the duration of flowering of asters is slightly different, but often continues until late autumn, sometimes even until the first snow. Asters can be dwarf and tall, but this does not at all affect their external beauty, which attracts a person with lilac, purple, white, pink and reddish flowers.


Garden flowerbeds can also decorate buzulniki in autumn. They give the landing site a special mood, which is necessarily transmitted to the owner of the site. Ornamental plants with yellowish flowers collected in various inflorescences are herbaceous perennials whose planting does not require special conditions. Of course, timely and proper care will give you the opportunity to observe wonderful autumn flowers almost until the cold weather.


Dahlias are the next beautiful flowers for the garden, which you just can not forget. They bloom in September and decorate the garden until the first frost, when their leaves and inflorescences dry up and fall. If the frosts were short-lived and the dahlias did not have time to drop the buds, then, in some cases, we can expect repeated blooming (under conditions of thaws).


Tritsirtis is another decorative autumn flower native to Japan. It can be considered not only decorative, but even tropical, this is facilitated by the appearance of tricirtis. Judge for yourself - white, medium-sized star-shaped flowers, covered with many intersperses, overflow of shades, pronounced colors ... all this gives the feeling that the garden moved to another climatic zone. It is worth noting that a beautiful autumn flower does not like the sun and dry soil, it feels much better in partial shade with moist soil.

This list is far from complete and around us there are a huge number of plants that can please us with beautiful flowering in the autumn. But, do not grab at once for everything and try to create the perfect garden in one season. Observe the plants, consult with specialists, select the flowers that are most suitable for your climate and living conditions, plant them and ensure proper autumn care for the flowers. Next, track the features and draw conclusions. Only in this case will you be able to form a quality garden. Of course, there are many interesting articles and tips with which you can find out what flowers bloom in autumn, how to care for them, and so on, but the most basic point is always practice.

The best flowers that bloom in autumn (video)

We wish you to correctly determine the set of garden plants, determine the flowers for creating original flower beds, gain theoretical and practical knowledge and create the most enviable garden that will be able to please the eye from the first sunny days of spring to autumn frosts.

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