10 ideas that can be made from plastic and glass beer bottles in the country

10 ideas that can be made from plastic and glass beer bottles in the country

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Glass and plastic bottles have always been rubbish or a means of returning a small portion of money by recycling. But today, thanks to many interesting ideas of modern summer residents, we present to you new opportunities for glass and plastic containers.

How to use glass bottles in the country

Glass containers for a wide variety of drinks are strong and durable material, from which not only small fences, but even whole houses are built in different parts of the world. Today we have collected many original ideas in one article and we present each of them to your attention. We hope that at least some of them will be embodied by your hands in the country, which will decorate its territory and increase practicality.

Decorative lighting

We are used to lighting the porch of the house, the gazebo and the resting places in the garden with standard incandescent, daylight or LED bulbs. For this, various lamps, sconces and shades are used, but we suggest using glass bottles, for example, from elite alcoholic drinks. Pay attention to the image of such lighting just below, and you will immediately understand how similar a garland will look nice in the garden, especially if you use containers of different colors.

How to make fences and fences from beer bottles

To believe in such a thing is not difficult, because somehow we already spoke about these works of art. But now we present to you a more original creation that really attracts attention. Tanks of various shapes, displacement, colors - all of them perfectly complement the picture, which you can create yourself. To do this, you just need to collect a little glassware, wash it, mark the fence, mix the solution and finish the masonry in the near future.

DIY crafts from bottles

Vases, glasses, figurines - everything bought is expensive now, and many allow themselves to do such things only at home, but not in the country. But now everything has changed, and we will no longer spend money on the decor of the dacha, because a simple hand-made can be arranged on our own.

Take some cute bottles of intricate shape, wash them and prepare brushes and paints, add imagination and get amazing decorations that can be placed in the house and on the street, and some to take home!

Decorative Bottle Beds

Small or noticeable size, round or square - you choose, but we are the ones who will offer the idea, because it’s a great desire that each of our readers have the opportunity to build a small decorative flowerbed in the country house - a real flower garden, which does not need to spend money and a lot of time.

The originality of the project is also very attractive, because it is unlikely that the neighbors have something like that, or they saw this somewhere.

So, for the construction of a small structure, only a hundred bottles and a cement-sand mortar for masonry will be required. A couple of hours and skillful hands are all that is needed to complete beauty!

Arrangement of planting boundaries on the beds

Do you want to zone the area of ​​the palisade or to divide vegetables and berries among themselves with a nice decorative fence? Choose glass bottles and just create with them. As you can see, standard dishes and a small amount of strength are enough to handle.

Initially, draw the boundaries of the partitions, check them from a distance for evenness and completeness of the picture. Next, dig a groove along the contour to install the bottles, put them in a row denser, and ram the soil around. A similar picture can be completed by lunchtime, of course, if you started work in the early morning!

Having allocated time to glass vessels, we pass to plastic ones, because they can also be useful to us in the country.

Useful crafts from empty bottles

How to use plastic containers in the country

A greenhouse made of plastic bottles, a trash can, a greenhouse are our past topics. But today we’ll talk about the new - that will interest you even more, and so get ready to be surprised and learn original ideas!

Decorative flowers

As you can see, you can create something very cute and beautiful with your own hands! We proved it to beginners in summer cottage, and to ourselves, constantly gaining experience, and today we are ready to update the collection of crafts with new products that everyone will like.

So, we create flowers from plastic bottles. To do this, we take 5-6 bottles with a capacity of 1-1.5 liters, cut off the top and make decorative cuts with scissors.

Having painted the finished flower buds from plastic in white, attaching the green caps and placing them on a piece of reinforcement, we decorate everything with artificial green leaves (possibly even from plates cut from bottles) and we get a real masterpiece. Quickly, simply and practically for free, but at the cottage it has become much more beautiful!


Incredibly, even such an interesting idea occurred to all the same creative summer residents from whom we borrowed it. See how easy it is to make a cute insect from just a few bags of plastic containers that were supposed to go into the trash.

Initially, to create a ladybug, a base is prepared in which the bottles will be installed. This is a small mound of land, fenced with ordinary cobblestones from the garden. Further, vessels are placed in the knoll with the neck down, set tightly and sprinkled on the sides. Thus, you get a dense picture, which upon completion presents us an amazing work!


You can use plastic bottles for the manufacture of a wide variety of figures for decorating the garden. Today these are chickens, small and yellow, which we have obtained from just a few containers.

For such an unusual creation, it is necessary to use bottles, support, paint, glue and scissors. As you can see, the result, albeit not at the professional level of design skill, but at a very successful amateur.

Palm trees made of plastic bottles

Another interesting and even exotic decoration of your summer house can be palm trees, which can also be made from empty plastic bottles. They will not require much work from you, although they will take enough time.

Initially, it is required to form the trunk of the palm by putting the bottles on top of one another. Next, dissolve a few dozen bottles, forming palm branches - green and fluffy leaves. Naturally, all this will require a wire base, so that the entire structure holds together and does not collapse.

In order for the palms to stand for a long time and not fall from the wind, we recommend making them not too high, and also tying them to supports or creating them inside the trunks of palm trees.

Decorative cottage decoration with parts of bottles

At the end of today's article, we would like to show you another masterpiece that seems very successful to us. To create it, the master used many parts of plastic vessels, which he carefully and carefully cut, glued, stitched together with wire. As a result, a skilled summer resident received a unique decorative decoration for landscape design, which you can be proud of.

How to use used bottles in the country

We began to use plastic and glass bottles in the country not so long ago, but each of us is able to quickly understand how useful such garbage can be, which was previously burned and taken to container warehouses. Try and you do something similar, maybe you will succeed even better than in our photos. We also offer to share ideas with all readers right here in the comments to the material.

Interesting ideas for using empty bottles (20 photos)

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