Energen: instructions for seeds and seedlings, plants, flowers, composition, reviews

Energen: instructions for seeds and seedlings, plants, flowers, composition, reviews

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Instructions for the use of liquid Energen Aqua provides for the use of the product at any stage of plant development. Suitable for all types of fruit and berry, ornamental, vegetable and flowering crops. Stimulates growth, increases yields, improves disease resistance.

Fertilizer description Energen

Natural growth stimulant Energen consists of natural ingredients, which makes it popular among gardeners and gardeners. The product is environmentally friendly, harmless to animals, bees and humans. Improves the composition of the soil, enriches it with trace elements necessary for plants. The use of the drug activates the production of enzymes, improves metabolic and chemical processes. After feeding, the culture gives a full growth, forms a green mass, blooms and bears fruit.

Types and forms of release

The chemical industry offers a stimulant of two types, it differs in the form of release and composition. Energen Aqua is a liquid product packaged in 10 or 250 ml bottles. Energen Extra is also produced in the form of capsules, located on a blister of 10 or 20 pieces, 20 capsules are placed in the package.

Energen Aqua composition

At the heart of the preparation Energen Aqua (potassium humate) there are two active components - fulvic and humic acids obtained from brown coal, and several auxiliary - silicic acid, sulfur.

According to reviews, the form of the stimulant Energen Aqua is easy to use thanks to the dispenser on the bottle.

Energen Aqua is used for seedlings, seeds and roots of seedlings

Energen Extra composition

Energen Extra capsules contain a brown powder, easily soluble in water. The product consists of humic and fulvic acid. Excipients - silicic acid, sulfur. The composition of the capsule form is enriched with a number of useful macro- and microelements. According to reviews, Energena Extra capsules have a wider spectrum of action.

Energen can be used in liquid form for treatment of plants, watering and embedding in the upper layers of the soil

Scope and purpose of application

Energen Aqua acts as a natural catalyst, the full production of enzymes increases the growth rate and the level of fruiting.

Attention! When using the product, the term for the fruits to reach biological ripeness is reduced by 7-12 days.

Top dressing is relevant for the following plant species:

  • legumes;
  • pumpkin;
  • nightshade;
  • celery;
  • cruciferous;
  • berry;
  • fruit;
  • decorative and flowering.

Growth stimulants Energen Aqua and Extra, used according to the instructions, according to reviews, increase the yield of grapes by 30%, the same indicator for currants and gooseberries. After feeding with the agent, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers bear fruit better.

Impact on soil and plants

The stimulant contains no harmful elements that can accumulate in the soil. Energen has a positive effect on the soil:

  • softens water during watering;
  • increases aeration;
  • deoxidizes the composition;
  • cleans from salts of heavy metals, nuclides;
  • activates the reproduction of beneficial bacteria;
  • saturates the soil with elements necessary for plant development.

According to the instructions, Energen Aqua and Extra are vital for plants:

  • fulvic acid inhibits the accumulation of herbicides in tissues, neutralizes the effect of pesticides, acts as an immunomodulator;
  • humic acid is responsible for cell division, participates in metabolism, provides oxygen and is one of the components of photosynthesis;
  • silicon and sulfur are involved in protein synthesis, exclude the appearance of barren flowers, thereby increasing the level of fruiting. Thanks to silicic acid, the strength of the stems and the turgor of the leaves are improved.

Important! The complex of components increases the resistance of seedlings to aggressive pathogenic microorganisms.

After feeding, the plants practically do not get sick, the vitamin composition of the fruits increases, and the taste improves.

Consumption rates

Energen Aqua is characterized by a more gentle composition, it is more often used for growing seedlings and processing planting material. The concentration of the solution is low, the rate depends on the purpose of use. For watering seedlings - 10 drops per 1 liter of water. Energy consumption Extra - 1 capsule per 1 liter of water.

A standard pack of seeds will require 5-7 drops of the product

For watering plants in mass planting, a solution is made of 1 capsule per 1 liter - this is the norm for 2.5 m2... The same concentration is required for processing the aboveground mass (area - 35 m2).

Application methods

Liquid form Energen Aqua is used for soaking seeds, spraying and watering seedlings. The capsules are dissolved in water and root top dressing is carried out, the aerial part is treated, and introduced during spring plowing. When planting seedlings with an open root, they are placed in a solution. The events are relevant for all crops; feeding during the growing season can be carried out about 6 times.

Instructions for use of the drug Energen

The use of a growth promoter depends on the intended use and the type of plant. Top dressing of vegetable and flowering crops grown by seedlings or sowing in the ground begins with seed treatment.

The next application of nutrients is necessary for the formation of green mass and the growth of the root system. It is shown to all species at the initial stage of development. Root feeding is carried out at the beginning of budding.

Ornamental crops are fertilized during flowering, and vegetables - during ripening. Fruit trees and berry bushes are sprayed when the ovaries appear and the fruits ripen.

How to dissolve Energen

According to the instructions, the growth stimulator Energen Aqua is diluted with plain water. The required number of drops is measured using a dispenser. It is not difficult to obtain a working solution from the capsules, since they dissolve easily in cold water.

Instructions for the use of liquid Energen

According to the instructions, the liquid form of Energena Aqua (growth stimulator) is used in the following dosage:

  1. To soak 50 g of seeds, take 0.5 l of water and add 15 drops of the product.
  2. To process the roots of seedlings of decorative, fruit and berry trees and shrubs, the contents of the vial are dissolved in 0.5 liters of water, left in the stimulator for several hours, then immediately determined into the planting pit.
  3. For seedlings of vegetable and flowering crops, add 30 drops of Energena Aqua in 1 liter of water, this amount of solution is calculated for 2 m2 landings.

Important! The use of the drug during planting operations increases the germination rate by 95%.

Energen Aqua is suitable for aerosol and root feeding

Instructions for use Energen in capsules

Dosage according to the instructions for use of Energena Extra capsules:

Object being processed

Dosage, in capsules

Quantity, m2

Type of feeding

Fruit trees and berry bushes

3/10 l



Seedlings of vegetative crops

1/1 l



Vegetables, flowers

1/1 l



The soil

6/10 l


Watering after plowing

The product can be used at intervals of two weeks

Rules for the application of Energen

The feeding time and method depends on the plant and the phase of its development. Annual crops need a growth stimulant to increase their immunity to infections, accelerate the ripening process of fruits, and improve their quality. In perennial species Energen Aqua and Extra improves stress resistance from sudden temperature changes, increases the ability to endure the winter more easily. Full vegetation is impossible on a poor soil composition, therefore, the use of the agent is necessary.

To improve soil composition

To increase the fertility and aeration of the soil, use the agent in capsules. You can use Energen Aqua, dissolve the volume of the bottle in 10 liters of water. Before planting vegetable and flowering crops, the site is dug up and watered with a solution. Loosening before planting.

Instructions for Energen Aqua for seeds and seedlings

How to use a growth stimulant, depending on the purpose:

  1. Before sowing seeds for seedlings, they are placed in a solution for 18 hours, planted immediately after being removed from the liquid.
  2. After germination, when 2 full-fledged leaves have formed on the seedlings, they are watered at the root. After two weeks, the seedlings are sprayed.
  3. A good result is obtained by processing seed potatoes. A solution is made at the rate of 1 bottle per 10 liters of water. The tubers are soaked for 2 hours.

For potatoes, use a stimulant before planting.

For vegetable crops in the open field

1 ml contains 15 drops of Energen Aqua. For seedlings, after planting, use a solution of 5 ml per 10 liters of water. This volume is enough to carry out root dressing on an area of ​​3 m2... Before budding, the plants are sprayed (15 drops per 1 liter). After 2 weeks, the procedure is repeated. Root feeding is carried out during the ripening of the fruit.

Is it possible to sprinkle Energen on green onions

The product is environmentally friendly, therefore, after processing, the plant does not accumulate harmful substances. Energen Aqua is often used for feeding onions, especially for forcing on a feather. They also use the growth stimulator Energen in capsules.

The solution is poured over the seedlings under the root during germination, then the procedure is repeated after a week.

For fruit and berry crops

Use the product in the form of capsules. A working solution is made (3 pcs / 10 l). Fruit trees and berry bushes are sprayed completely so that there are no uncovered areas. Top dressing is carried out in several stages:

  • when leaves are formed;
  • at the time of budding;
  • during the formation of the ovary;
  • during the period of fruit ripening.

After flowering, strawberries are fed under the root. The solution is prepared from two capsules per 1 liter of water. 10 days are kept between procedures.

How to apply Energen for flowers

Means Energen Aqua is relevant at the time of emergence. Before budding, root feeding is carried out, during the blooming of flowers - aerosol treatment and the last watering falls on the peak of flowering.

Compatibility with other drugs

The composition of the stimulant is unique; its compatibility with other agents is not limited. It is impossible to overfeed the culture with Energen, therefore it is used together with mineral fertilizers, it prevents the accumulation of nitrates in the tissues. Neutralizes the negative effects of pesticides during treatment against pests or diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages

The natural remedy does not have a negative effect on plants and the composition of the soil, it has no minuses. Pros to use:

  • enhances the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil, organic matter decomposes faster and enriches the soil;
  • increases the germination of planting material up to 100%;
  • reduces the ripening time of fruits, improves their taste and chemical composition;
  • compatible with mineral and organic fertilizers;
  • acids and trace elements contribute to the growth of perennial plants, increase their resistance to stress;
  • stimulates the vegetation of the aerial part and the root system;
  • suitable for all seedlings.

Important! The drug enhances the ability of plants to absorb nutrients from the soil.

Extends the shelf life of the harvested crop. Subject to the feeding regime, crops rarely get sick.

Security measures

The agent belongs to the 4th group of toxicity, it cannot cause poisoning, but the body's reaction to the components can be unpredictable. When working with Energen use:

  • rubber gloves;
  • respirator or gauze bandage;
  • glasses.

Attention! The use of protective products is important when spraying plants. After work, wash all exposed skin with soap and water.

Storage rules

The shelf life of the drug is not limited, natural elements obtained by processing brown coal do not disintegrate and do not lose their activity. The working solution can be left for the next use, the effectiveness will not decrease. The only condition is to store Energen Aqua capsules out of the reach of children, and also away from food.


Several drugs are similar in their effect on vegetation to Energen Aqua and Extra, but they do not have such a wide range of actions:

Similar in their effect to Energenu Aqua humic fertilizers Tellura, Ekorost.


Instructions for the use of liquid Energen Aqua and means in the form of capsules provide for the use of a stimulant for all types of plants at any stage of development. It is recommended to treat the seeds before sowing and the root system of the seedlings during their placement on the site. The tool increases productivity, crop resistance to infection, promotes rapid vegetation.

Reviews about the growth stimulator Energen

Maria Marchenko, 48 years old, Krasnodar region

I have been using the Energen Aqua stimulator for a long time and successfully. Before sowing seeds for seedlings, I soak them in a solution according to the instructions. I cover the bottom of the plate with a clean napkin, lay out the seeds, and fill it with the solution, cover it with the ends of the fabric on top. I leave it for 24 hours. Then I use the solution for watering.

Nina Vasilyeva, 55 years old, Taganrog

First, I bought the product in capsules, this season I tried Energen Aqua, I use the stimulant in the garden for growing flowers. I feed it several times over the summer. I did not notice the difference between the types of the drug. Thanks to the dispenser, it is easier to apply the liquid form.

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