Gigrofor girlish: description and photo

Gigrofor girlish: description and photo

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Gigrofor maiden (Latin Cuphophyllus virgineus) is a small-sized conditionally edible mushroom of little value. Its pulp has a rather mediocre taste, and the structure of the fruit body itself is very fragile. On the territory of Russia, this species is rare.

Other variants of the name of the fungus: Camarophyllus virgineus or Hygrocybe virginea.

What does a girl's hygrophor look like?

Gigrofor maiden forms a small convex cap, the diameter of which varies from 2 to 5 cm. At the very beginning of its development, it has a convex shape, however, with age it becomes flat. The edges crack during development.

The color of the species is monochromatic, white, however, sometimes a yellowish area forms in the center of the cap. Occasionally, you can find reddish spots on it, which represent mold of the skin.

The plates of the hymenophore are thick, dense, however, they are rarely located - there are large gaps between them. Some plates partially go over to the stem. The color of the hymenophore is white, the same as the main color of the mushroom. The spore powder has a similar color. The spores are tiny, oval in shape.

The leg of the maiden's hygrophor is cylindrical, curved and slightly narrowed at the very ground. It is very thin - its diameter is only 12 mm with an average height of 10-12 cm. The structure of the leg is dense, but fragile - the mushroom is very easy to damage. In older specimens, it is completely hollow.

The pulp of the maiden's hygrophor is white. By its structure, it is rather loose and even watery. At the site of the cut, the color remains unchanged, while the milky juice does not stand out. The aroma of fruiting bodies is weak, inexpressive. The taste of the pulp is pleasant, but also unremarkable.

The cap of young specimens is convex, while in old mushrooms it straightens

Where does the maiden hygrophor grow

Gigrofor maiden is quite rare, however, you can find a large group of mushrooms at a time. You should look for this species in clearings along paths and on forest edges or meadows. It is almost impossible to meet him in the forest. The fruiting period is in August-October.

On the territory of Russia, mushrooms grow mainly within the temperate zone.

Is it possible to eat a girlish hygrophor

The maiden gigrofor is classified as a conditionally edible species, however, it cannot be called valuable. It is allowed to be consumed after heat treatment or salting, but the taste of the pulp remains rather mediocre.

False doubles

Inexperienced mushroom pickers may confuse maiden hygrophor with some other species. First of all, it is a snow-white hygrophor (Latin Hygrophorus niveus). This false double is also suitable for consumption, but it does not differ in special taste. Refers to edible mushrooms.

The structure of the fruiting body is more fragile: the leg is thinner, and the cap acquires a funnel-shaped shape with age, when its edges are turned upward. Gigrofor maiden is slightly larger, and its fruiting body is more fleshy.

The snow-white gigrofor not only looks similar, but also grows in the same places - it is found in large quantities in vast pastures, meadows and in old parks overgrown with weeds. Occasionally, you can find an accumulation of fruiting bodies in the forest and clearings. In old forests, a false twin does not grow.

Another difference between the species is that the fruiting of the snow-white hygrophor continues until the first frost.

In older specimens, the edges of the cap are thin and translucent, slightly serrated.

Gigrofor yellowish-white (Latin Hygrophorus eburneus) - another false species, painted in ivory. Some specimens may also have a snow-white color. Refers to edible mushrooms.

The main difference from the maiden's hygrophor is that the double's cap is covered with a thick layer of mucus.

The false-look hat is rather flat, but it may have a depression in the middle.

Collection rules and use

The girl's gigrofor is collected taking into account the following rules:

  1. Fruit bodies should not be abruptly pulled out of the ground. They are carefully cut with a knife or twisted out of the mycelium. So she will be able to form a new crop for next year.
  2. Before leaving, it is advisable to sprinkle the mycelium with the top layer of soil.
  3. It is better to go to the forest early in the morning, when it is still cool enough. This way the harvested crop stays fresh longer.
  4. You should focus on young specimens. Old and overripe mushrooms can taste bad. In addition, during their development, they rapidly accumulate heavy metals from the soil.

Advice! So that the harvested crop does not start to deteriorate, it is placed in a basket with frequent gaps. Do not put in plastic bags, otherwise everything will quickly become overwhelmed.

It is recommended to use the girl's hygrophor after heat treatment. The loose structure of the pulp allows you to make mushroom caviar and minced meat for filling from fruit bodies. It is also suitable for hot pickling and salting.


Gigrofor maiden is a conditionally edible, but not of particular value, mushroom. It can be harvested, however, the resulting crop is often not worth the effort.

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