Eggplant Patio blue F1

Eggplant Patio blue F1

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The limited space, as well as the often lack of financial ability to purchase a land plot, pushes many people to grow compact vegetables and herbs directly in the apartment, or rather, on the balcony or loggia. For this purpose, many companies have specially developed varieties of vegetables intended for indoor cultivation. One of the many novelties of domestic selection is the Patio Blue eggplant hybrid.


Eggplant Patio Blue F1 is a compact early maturing hybrid designed for growing in pots. This variety feels great on the balcony or in a pots outside the window. The bush is small in size (about 50 cm), but rather branched. Leaves and fruits are small. For active growth, the plant is best placed on the sunny side of the apartment. Best if it is east or southeast.

Important! The plant should not be placed on the south side, since due to the abundant and prolonged exposure to sunlight, sunburn may occur, which will negatively affect the further development of the bush and future fruits.

Small eggplants of the "Patio Blue" variety densely cover the entire plant from base to crown. The indoor hybrid is harvested during the period of technical maturity, as well as with conventional varieties.

The flesh of the hybrid is tender, without traces of bitterness.

In cooking, the variety is widely used to prepare various dishes: from salads, side dishes and soups to exquisite culinary masterpieces.

Growing features

Despite the fact that the variety is indoor, the conditions for its cultivation practically do not differ from the care and procedures that gardeners carry out on their site. The only difference is in the scale of the land plot and the size of the plant and fruit.

Indoor eggplant care begins with the sowing period. You can plant seeds whenever you want, but it is better to do this in early spring so that the bushes can get the maximum amount of sunlight during the ripening period.

Further care consists in regular watering, irrigation, removing weeds, pruning side shoots and leaves.

Benefits of the variety

Eggplant, intended for cultivation in an apartment, has a number of positive features and properties, which makes it very popular, especially today. The most striking advantages of the "Patio Blue" variety include:

  • unpretentiousness and ease of growing;
  • compactness of the bush and good yield;
  • resistance to the occurrence of diseases;
  • versatility and excellent taste.

These are far from all the advantages of a hybrid variety, but it is they that help to fulfill the dream of many people, even with limited financial resources. Thanks to the breeding of indoor varieties, everyone can fully enjoy healthy vegetables by growing them on their windowsill or balcony.


Praskovya Sergeevna, 81 years old, Murmansk

I live in the northern region of Russia, so growing eggplants by the window is a unique opportunity for me to get vegetables rich in vitamins, which is important at my age. I really love to take care of houseplants. First, flowers settled in my apartment, then I began to grow onions and dill, and this year I decided to try growing eggplants. I was very pleased with the emergence of the Patio Blue hybrid variety. I planted the seeds at the end of February. At the end of June, the bushes delighted me with the first harvest. The taste of mini-vegetables is in no way inferior to the classic varieties, even tastier. I made a salad from small eggplants. At the family council, it was decided that he would decorate our New Year's table. My dream came true with the advent of indoor hybrids.

Irina Pavlovna, 32 years old, Sevastopol

I am fond of floriculture. New plants are constantly appearing in my apartment. So this year I decided to please myself with a new pet. I went to my favorite shop, looked at the anthurium and unexpectedly saw packets of vegetable seeds in pots. At first I thought it was a photomontage and another trick of the manufacturer. I asked the seller to tell me about the outlandish seeds in more detail. It turned out that these varieties were bred specifically for growing in apartment conditions. I decided to try it. I bought a patio blue eggplant. I sowed the seeds in pots. They got up pretty quickly and amicably. A month later, on my window were lush bushes, densely strewn with flowers. Small fruits soon appeared in their place. When they are ripe, I decided to fry them. The dish turned out to be amazing. My husband did not even believe that these were eggplants grown by me on the windowsill. This is how my passion for flowers has benefited and opened up new opportunities for me.

Elvira Gennadievna, 45 years old, Sochi

Growing flowers and indoor vegetables has been a long-standing hobby of mine. This year I decided to plant an eggplant. I bought a hybrid early variety "Patio Blue". I sowed the seeds in March. I placed the seedling pots on the sunny side of the apartment. Every day she turned the plants to the sun. In May, she took out the bushes on the terrace in front of the house. There were a lot of fruits on one plant. They are small in size but very tasty. The pulp is tender, completely without the bitter taste characteristic of eggplant. There are only positive emotions from growing indoor eggplant.

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