Reindeer horns: how to cook, recipes with photos

Reindeer horns: how to cook, recipes with photos

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Reindeer horns need to be cooked correctly. The main condition is the use of young specimens. The product can be salted, fried, dried. The slingshot tastes like chicken or shrimp. The pulp is tender. The official name is Ramaria yellow. Grows in deciduous and mixed forests. The best time to harvest is late August or early September.

How to cook mushroom antlers

It is important to properly assemble the hornfels before cooking. Corals, which can be eaten, are harvested from August to September.

In nature, there are:

  • in the form of single bushes;
  • in the form of groups of several horns.

Useful tips for mushroom pickers:

  1. Old copies should not be taken, they have a bitter taste and a small amount of useful elements.
  2. Mushrooms that grow on stumps cannot be taken. They only look like yellow Ramaria. In fact, these are poisonous doubles.
  3. It is not worth picking a mushroom crop near the road. Corals absorb exhaust gases, and this can negatively affect human health.

    Advice! The place for picking mushrooms must be environmentally friendly.

  4. The bag is not suitable for collection, the product will turn into a sticky mass. A wicker basket must be used.

Distinctive features:

  • the color of young specimens is beige or yellow;
  • the place of the cut has a yellowish tint;
  • when pressed, the fruit body turns brown;
  • has the smell of mowed grass.

Poisonous double - Ramaria is beautiful. When pressed, a red tint can be observed. It is difficult for novice mushroom pickers to find the differences.

Important! You can take a mushroom only with complete confidence in its edibility. Otherwise, severe poisoning with toxic substances threatens.

Ramaria yellow has a poisonous double - beautiful Ramaria

You need to prepare the product for cooking as follows:

  1. Wash fruiting bodies thoroughly after harvest.
  2. Remove debris between twigs.
  3. Cut into small pieces.

Yellow corals should not be consumed in large quantities. Otherwise, there is a possibility of developing an allergic reaction.

How much to cook deer horns mushrooms

A frequent question is how much to cook "slingshots". The required time is 20-25 minutes. It is better to remove the ends of the branches beforehand. This ensures that there is no bitterness. After cooking, the product is ready for further processing. "Yellow corals" can be stewed, fried, added to soup or salad.

Reindeer Horn Mushroom Recipes

Coral can be cooked in a variety of ways. In any case, it turns out to be an exquisite delicacy. Often "slingshots" grow up to 1 kilogram and are able to feed the whole family.

How to roast reindeer horns

The product has a rich taste.

The components included in the composition:

  • deer horns - 1200 g;
  • vegetable oil - 20 ml;
  • onions - 2 pieces;
  • salt, black pepper (ground) - to taste.

Reindeer horn mushrooms can be served with mashed potatoes

How to fry reindeer horns mushrooms:

  1. Wash the "corals", cut off the ends from them. For stubborn dirt, the product should be soaked for 10 minutes.
  2. Cut the onions into half rings, fry in vegetable oil for 8-10 minutes.

    Advice! It is better to use refined oil, this will help preserve the smell of mushrooms.

  3. Chop the reindeer horns and put them in a skillet with the onions.
  4. Fry for at least a quarter of an hour. It is important to stir the workpieces all the time so that they are fried from all sides.

In a short time, you can prepare an appetizing dish. A good addition is mashed potatoes.

How to make deer antlers gravy from mushrooms

Mushroom sauce can be used as a separate dish or served with a side dish. The components included in the composition:

  • slingshots - 400 g;
  • onion - 1 head;
  • carrots - 1 piece;
  • flour - 50 g;
  • sour cream - 50 ml;
  • water - 500 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 20 ml;
  • greens - 1 bunch;
  • salt to taste.

Mushroom sauce turns out to be aromatic and appetizing

You need to cook according to the following scheme:

  1. Cut carrots into cubes, onions into half rings.
  2. Pour water into a saucepan, boil it, then add salt and carrots.
  3. Fry the onions in a skillet in vegetable oil (10 minutes).
  4. Place the chopped yellow corals over the onion. Simmer for 15 minutes.
  5. Send the fried mixture to the broth.
  6. Dissolve flour, sour cream and herbs separately in water. Beat everything and pour into the mushroom broth.
  7. Cook the gravy 5 minutes after boiling.

The dish turns out to be aromatic and appetizing.

How to make reindeer horn mushroom salad

The dish is recommended for those who want to lose weight. Reindeer horns also help to improve health.


  • horns - 250 g;
  • carrots - 200 g;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • cucumber - 2 pieces;
  • garlic - 3 cloves;
  • vinegar - 30 ml;
  • vegetable oil - 15 ml;
  • salt - 15 g;
  • ground black pepper - to taste;
  • greens - 1 bunch (optional).

Antler mushrooms are suitable for people who monitor their weight

Method of preparing reindeer horn mushroom salad:

  1. Cook Ramaria and carrots, chop the food. Boiling time for mushrooms is 25 minutes.
  2. Fold the blanks into a container, add chopped cucumbers, garlic and onions.
  3. Add vinegar and oil. Leave to infuse for 30 minutes.
  4. Salt the salad, add black pepper.

You can decorate the dish with chopped herbs.

Reindeer horns in batter

Crispy crusty "Horns" - an unforgettable taste.

Required components:

  • yellow "corals" - 450 g;
  • flour - 150 g;
  • sugar - 10 g;
  • salt - 15 g;
  • egg - 2 pieces;
  • vegetable oil - 20 ml;
  • black pepper (peas) - to taste.

Reindeer horns in batter have a delicious golden crust

You need to cook according to the following recipe:

  1. Wash the mushroom harvest and boil it in salted water.
  2. Combine flour, salt, granulated sugar and eggs. Beat everything thoroughly and add a few black peppercorns.
  3. Add the mixture to the water.

    Important! You should get the consistency of the dough.

  4. Dip the corals in the prepared batter and fry in vegetable oil.

The finished product has a golden crust.

Reindeer horns mushroom soup

The dish turns out to be especially tasty.

Cooking components:

  • yellow "slingshot" - 400 g;
  • salt and black pepper - to taste;
  • garlic - 1 clove;
  • carrots - 1 piece;
  • potatoes - 6 pieces;
  • onion - 1 piece;
  • butter - 20 g;
  • dill or parsley - 1 bunch.

Mushroom soup with deer horns can be eaten both hot and cold

You need to cook according to the following algorithm:

  1. Wash the antlers and boil them in water with added salt. Time is 25 minutes.

    Important! The broth must be drained, it contains harmful toxins.

  2. Peel vegetables, put them in a saucepan, add water. Bring everything to a boil.
  3. Place the horns in a pot of vegetables. Cook for 15 minutes.
  4. Add spices and chopped herbs.

The soup is delicious and unusual. Children can be given a treat from the age of 7.

How to cook reindeer horn mushrooms for the winter

You can cook slingshots for the winter in various ways:

  • salt;
  • marinate;
  • dry;
  • freeze.

To cook mushroom hodgepodge you will need:

  • horns - 2000 g;
  • carrots - 1000 g;
  • onions - 1000 g;
  • tomatoes - 1000 g;
  • vegetable oil - 500 ml;
  • vinegar (9%) - 80 g;
  • salt to taste.

Reindeer horns can be prepared for future use for the winter

You need to cook according to the following algorithm:

  1. Cook "slingshots" in water with salt.
  2. Chop the onion and tomatoes into half rings, grate the carrots on a medium-sized grater.
  3. Mix all the blanks in one container, add vegetable oil and simmer for 60 minutes.
  4. Add vinegar 5 minutes before the end of the braising process.
  5. Put the hodgepodge in sterilized jars.
  6. Roll up with clean lids.

The workpiece is stored in a dark and cool place. Serve as an addition to the main course. It is best to garnish with chopped dill or add a small amount of sour cream.

How to pickle antlers

The yellow corals are suitable for the pickling process. You can cook "slingshots" if you have the following components:

  • fruiting bodies - 2000 g;
  • vinegar (9%) - 250 ml;
  • water - 1 glass;
  • salt - 60 g;
  • granulated sugar - 20 g;
  • bay leaf - 4 pieces;
  • black pepper (peas) - 5 pieces;
  • cinnamon - 1 stick;
  • dried dill - 10 g.

Boil the antlers before pickling them.

Step-by-step algorithm on how to cook correctly:

  1. Wash mushroom specimens in cold water, put in a colander. It is necessary that the liquid is glass.
  2. Add water, vinegar to a saucepan, then add salt. Bring everything to a boil.
  3. Place in coral marinade.
  4. Add spices after boiling. Cook for a quarter of an hour over low heat.

    Important! The product must be stirred periodically to avoid burning.

  5. Transfer the finished “slingshots” to a sterilized jar.
  6. Seal with a lid.

Marinade can be poured over with vegetable oil. This will prevent mold from forming.

How to salt antlers

Salted "coral" is an unusual dish, it can be called a delicacy.

For cooking you will need:

  • "Hornfelses" - 5000 g;
  • salt - 1 glass.

When salting, it is better to refuse spices in order to preserve the delicate taste of mushrooms.

Step-by-step instructions on how to cook properly:

  1. Wash thoroughly and remove dirt from the product.

    Important! Overripe "slingshots" can not be taken, they can taste bitter.

  2. Cut into large pieces.
  3. Scald the salting container with boiling water.
  4. Place the first layer of Ramaria (8 cm thick) on the bottom of the pan.
  5. Cover with salt.
  6. Repeat the procedure (lay out the slices and sprinkle them with salt). It is necessary to observe the proportions (for 1000 g of corals, 50 g of salt is taken).
  7. Put a piece of clean gauze on top, put a board of wood on it.
  8. Press down with oppression.

Salting time is 5 days. The treat is stored in a cool place.

Important! You should not use spices, this will preserve the delicate taste of yellow "slingshots".

How to freeze antler mushrooms

The product is frozen in boiled form. This helps to save space in the freezer.

Step-by-step instructions on how to cook a dish for the winter:

  1. Clear the mushroom harvest from debris.
  2. Rinse with cold water.

    Important! You do not need to soak the product.

  3. Dry on a towel.
  4. Cook in salted water for 25 minutes.
  5. Drain the water.
  6. Wait for complete cooling.
  7. Divide the yellow "corals" into packages.
  8. Place the workpieces in the freezer.

Defrosting mushrooms naturally

Before cooking, the slingshots should be removed from the refrigerator in advance. It is best if the mushrooms are thawed naturally.

How to dry deer horns mushrooms

Drying is a great way to prepare antler mushrooms for the winter.

Important! Young specimens dry out easily, overripe and old ones can start to rot.

It is better to use young mushrooms for drying.

Drying process algorithm:

  1. Divide into branches (the leg should remain).
  2. Thread the thread through the leg.
  3. Hang the product in a well-ventilated room. The place should be dark and dry.

To prepare a dish from dried fruit bodies, they must be soaked in water for at least 10 hours.

Caloric content of reindeer horns mushrooms

"Slingshot" is considered a low-calorie product, helping to lose excess weight without harm to health. Their caloric content is 34 kcal per 100 g of raw product. Fried "corals" have a higher calorie content (due to cooking in vegetable oil).


Cooking reindeer horns mushrooms is simple, the main thing is to follow a step-by-step algorithm of actions. Only young specimens can be collected. The old ones have an unpleasant aftertaste of bitterness. There are many doubles, so novice mushroom pickers should not collect them on their own. Young mushrooms are milky or yellow in color. The product contains amino acids and lipids. It is believed that they help with disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, has the ability to reduce various neoplasms.

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