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What measures should be taken to preserve seedlings, if you need to leave for a week

Dear experts, for a week I will have to go to Moscow with my child for vaccinations. How to leave seedlings?


Water well and leave.

Leave on husband.

Remove from the windowsill so that the sun does not dry out. If the pots are large, then shed heavily. But, if tiny. Maybe from a large can of water standing above the planting level, stretch bandages to the soil. And through them, water will flow into the pots

If there is no bottom, put on a hydrogel, in a basin of some sort. 50 ml costs 50-60 rubles, and 4 liters of gel come out.

In the summer, I left potted flowers on the floor on the balcony. Put in containers with water. But a little water. And hardy just like that for 10 days. I arrived. Chic. I think you need to shake less on them. And now in the apartment just remove from the sun

It? How is it? To put under seedlings?

I bought this one / it is colorless. Here from this package, about 5 liters of gel are obtained.

Damn, that doesn't mean

It seems to me that the color does not matter (your course looks prettier). I planted cabbage in it and, as an experiment, 5 seeds of cucumber. I watched the video of Julia about landing in a hydrogel.

Yes, I just think 4 jars are not enough for the whole seedlings (I saw, I thought I would fill it with water and it will increase)

I still think that you have a gel for decorative purposes and it is probably already ready. The one that I bought, there are dry granules, they must be filled with water.

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