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Mulching earth in a greenhouse with black cover material

Mulching earth in a greenhouse with black cover material

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Friends! My question is: I want to cover (mulch) the ground in a greenhouse with black covering material. Is it worth it? Has anyone tried it? Thanks in advance.


I didn’t try for the summer, and in the spring I planted radish and salad in the slot. I really liked it. I did not have to weed, the bacon was clean.

And how do you make cuts for seeds, cut strips to the size of the grooves?

Last year I covered all the beds in which I planted seedlings. I really liked it. Absolutely no need to weed.

And how to loosen?

I did not loosen. There, the earth was always moist and soft.

Did you first corrode, make slots, then drop it off?

Yes, that's exactly what I did. The neighbors walked around my greenhouse and said that I was stupid because all my roots would burn. Just in case, in the very heat, I removed this material (in July) and mulched it with nettles. But this year, everything is stuck and everything is great.

And when did you mulch the nettle seeds from it, the seeds did not crumble? otherwise it once happened to me. Then, in May nettle she mulched.

Yes! They crumbled and in August, young nettles climbed! But for greenhouse cucumbers, the neighborhood with nettles is very useful.

Friends, thanks. I'll think.

Thanks! And if in the garden so close, what do you think?

I made a blank in my free time (in winter). On black fabric, dots with a white stroke (clerical) are very clearly visible. 10 cm. Between rows and 7 cm. In the line. Cross the cross with scissors. She spread the fabric, made a groove in the places of the slits with her finger, a couple of sunflower seeds, sprinkled with earth.

Thanks, next year I will do it too.

It seems to me everything will be fine. This year I will close all the trees. I will close the beds with strawberries and strawberries and the bed with garlic. My neighbors have beds with strawberries for several years already under this black material. They clean it after 4 years

Strawberries, yes, and if cabbage, for example?

And if under the trees, then for the winter to clean or leave? I read somewhere that you need to clean for the winter

I will not clean.

I don’t know about cabbage.

So I also think of closing it with a black cloth and mulching it with wood mulch and leaving it. This at least reduces work by several times.

Yes cut it for sure. I categorically do not like to drip. Therefore, I try either to fix everything with black material or grass!

What for? you will already have mulled land from weeds) and then in the greenhouse, yes, even close the ground (maybe it’s just mold going or the roots will soar

It was possible not to film, but to lay on top with several layers of newspaper. I did this last year and nothing burned, and all the moisture retained

Last year I did not know anything. I've read it in winter, I plan to plant tomatoes under newspapers

It seems to me either cloth or wood. Although I don’t know. As Julia says: Try

Last year, I planted tomatoes under newspapers and never watered for the whole season on the advice of St. Petersburg agronomist A. Kizima

So this year I also saw enough of her and I want to try to plant this way. But I have seedlings whose roots I damaged during a dive. I guess I will plant them in the usual way. Kizima said that the main thing in the “do not water” method is not to cut the root

Are you also from St. Petersburg?

No, I live in Moscow

I wanted to ask Petersburgers. As in our weather, will there be a harvest. I ate tomatoes - which were not watered, but they are from V. Novgorod

So G. A. From your Petersburgers and she does everything, so go for it. Personally, I really like this method. This year I will grow tomatoes this way.

Somehow I don’t really believe in internet advice. Now, if someone from Len. The area he wrote that he really raised, it would not be scary. Although I’m taking a chance this year and try to plant one bed like that 🙂

And what specifically interests you

Is it possible in LO to harvest a tomato crop without watering

It is possible, but for this we must not dig for more than one year. Natural farming

T. E. If I create a garden only this year, can I plant tomatoes without watering after 4 years? Do I understand correctly?

Yes, and plant green manure after harvest

Thanks. Have you been doing natural farming for a long time? I read a lot of things about this method (all winter) in the spring I started making warm beds, bought sideratas, bought a plane cutter. I will try this year.

I have a plane cutter for about 5 years. And last year, I started planting potatoes in it from an organic trench. True, I bought potatoes in a store for food. Buckets from the bush did not work. A little more than half of the bucket from the bush came out. This year I will remake half of the beds in organic trenches.

And I bought today in a store, in the same place I bought a plane cutter and VostoEM1, potatoes. I have a flooded area and so I want to try planting this potato under straw. The girls from the group wrote that they did it

Add your friends to me. And then we have a long correspondence to get on the site

I planted tomatoes for 2 years in a row according to the method of G. Kizima, without watering (St. Petersburg), I did not water. Everything grew very well. Varieties are all low, so as not to stepchild, I can not.

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