Tomato Paradise delight: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato Paradise delight: reviews, photos, yield

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Among the huge variety of tomato varieties, novice gardeners are often guided by the attractive appearance of tomatoes in the package picture, or by the unusual name of the variety. In this sense, the name of the tomato “Paradise pleasure” does not say, but simply cries out about the need to taste its fruits and enjoy its “heavenly” taste. However, if we remove some exaggeration, we can say that the originators of this variety were not far from the truth - many really enjoy the taste of these tomatoes. What other characteristics does the Paradise Delight tomato possess, and what interesting things can you find in the description of this variety?

History of origin and description of the variety

In the distant 90s of the last century, scientists - breeders of the Pridnestrovian Research Institute of Agriculture received a new variety, which received the enthusiastic name "Paradise Delight". In 1997, the variety was officially registered in the State Register of Russia, and this time the originator was the Moscow company Aelita.

Attention! The variety was originally obtained for cultivation in the open field, mainly in the southern regions, but zoned throughout Russia using greenhouses and temporary film structures.

The Heavenly Delight tomato plants are indeterminate, that is, they are not limited in growth and development and therefore need mandatory pruning and pinching in order to have time to get ripe fruits. The bushes themselves are quite powerful, characterized by an abundance of large dark green leaves that can protect flowers and fruits during ripening from too intense solar radiation in southern latitudes.

In greenhouse conditions, they can reach two meters, but in open ground they rarely grow above 1.5-1.6 meters. The inflorescences are simple.

If you look at the ripening time, then the Paradise Delight tomato is more of a mid-season variety. The first ripe tomatoes can be found after 120-127 days from the emergence of mass shoots.

According to gardeners, the yield of this variety is highly dependent on the conditions of growth and care.

But sometimes it can reach 4-5 kg ​​per plant. In this case, from 1 sq. meter, you can get up to 9-10 kg of tomatoes.

One of the advantages of the Paradise Delight variety is its good resistance to nightshade diseases. It is practically not affected by the tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporium and bacterial spotting. It is characterized by relative resistance to Alternaria. But it can suffer from late blight, therefore, preventive work is required.

Tomatoes and their characteristics

Tomato Paradise Delight can rightfully be proud of its fruits, which are of the salad type, although the juice from them is also excellent.

  • The shape of the tomatoes is quite standard - rounded, slightly flattened, with lush folds near the stalk.
  • In unripe fruits, the color is green, a dark green spot can be seen near the stalk, which disappears as the fruits ripen and the tomatoes turn red.
  • The Paradise Delight variety can be attributed to large-fruited tomatoes - the average weight of fruits is 400-450 grams. With good and proper care, the weight of one tomato can reach 700-800 grams.
  • Tomatoes are distinguished by their fleshy, juicy pulp, the number of seed chambers is more than four. But the seeds themselves are small and few. They contain dry matter from 5.5 to 6.2%.
  • The skin is firm, the tomatoes are not prone to cracking and are kept fairly well.
  • The taste of tomatoes is high, however, it is difficult to expect anything else from a variety with such a promising name. The sugar content is from 3 to 3.6%, vitamin C - 17.3-18.2 mg. The acidity is approximately 0.5%.

Growing features

Due to their rather late ripening times, tomatoes of this variety are recommended to be grown through seedlings even in the southern regions. It is advisable to sow seeds for seedlings in the beginning - the first half of March. If you have the opportunity to provide the seedlings with full lighting, then you can start sowing seeds even from the end of February. True, it makes sense to do this only if you have a greenhouse where you can plant seedlings in May and additionally protect it from possible return frosts.

Advice! For open ground, the March sowing is also quite suitable, since otherwise the seedlings will outgrow and will have to be planted already in a flowering state, which can somewhat slow down the development of plants.

Since the seedlings of the Paradise Delight variety look quite strong, with many large leaves, they need mandatory feeding even before they are planted in a permanent place of growth. It is best to use for these purposes a complex mineral fertilizing with microelements or vermicompost diluted in the required proportion.

Since the bushes are very powerful and require a garter for them, then take care of the construction of a trellis in advance or find the required number of high stakes. It is necessary to plant tomato plants Paradise pleasure with a frequency of no more than two or three plants per 1 sq. meter.

To obtain maximum yields, tomato bushes need to be kept in one, or, at most, two stems. To form into one stem, absolutely all stepchildren are removed, preferably at the stage of their formation, so that they do not take away extra strength from the bushes.

The rest of the measures for caring for a tomato Paradise pleasure are quite standard: regular watering, several dressings during the growth period, pruning and tying growing stems and preventive treatments for diseases and pests.

Reviews of gardeners

Tomato Paradise Delight has been known to gardeners for quite some time and even managed to pass the peak of its popularity, since every year new attractive varieties of tomatoes appear. Nevertheless, he still has his adherents and admirers, who gladly “partake of heavenly delight”.

Olga, 37 years old, Voronezh

I would like to tell you about one of my favorite and most delicious varieties of tomatoes - Paradise Delight. I have been growing it for several years now and am not going to give it up for the sake of fashionable novelties yet. For me, to be honest, there is no tastier tomato. So those who called him that knew what they were doing. An even greater advantage of this variety is its immunity to cladosporia - this disease has been crushing the rows of my tomatoes in recent years. The bushes of tomatoes of this variety are tall and powerful, they must be tied up and pinned. But if you take good care of him, he will thank you with fruits in 600 and even 800 grams.

Vladimir, 42 years old, Bryansk

The Paradise Delight variety is quite old, five years ago it was one of the ten most delicious tomatoes, but in recent years something less is said and written about it. I think that in vain, because the variety is quite worthy. Tomatoes ripen really delicious, five, large in size, fleshy. I grow it in a greenhouse and try to plant the bushes at a great distance from each other. Because the stems are powerful and the leaves are big too. Better to plant basil or some other herb in between. I usually lead it into one main stem. The harvest is enough for us to eat in salads, and the wife makes the juice from it very tasty for the winter.

Maria, 40 years old, Naro-Fominsk

I have planted a tomato Paradise delight for several years in 2011 and 2012. I liked the taste of the tomatoes, the fruits themselves are also large and beautiful. There were about 2 to 4 pieces in one brush. The yield did not seem to me very high, at least for me. I, as a rule, do not feed my vegetables with chemistry, but I added humus to the bushes and otherwise care like other tomatoes. It was also nice that he was not sick with practically anything, he was so unpretentious. But for now I have abandoned it in favor of various new products, maybe I'll come back when, if I get the seeds.

Nadezhda, 48 years old, Taganrog

I bought seeds of this variety from different companies, and the tomato bushes were different from each other. In general, the tomatoes were huge, I even weighed them, the record holder pulled 940 grams. There weren't any little ones at all. And the bushes were different, some were fine, unpretentious, and a couple of bushes from the same batch fell ill with late blight. Of course, the tomatoes are delicious, I really love making sun-dried tomatoes for the winter - this is such a delicacy! So the Paradise Delight tomatoes were ideal for this preparation, they are beautiful, and plump, and sugary. And you still won't be able to roll them up - they won't fit into the jar.


The Heavenly Delight tomatoes are quite true to their name and deserve to be given a little of your attention and care. And disease resistance makes them even more welcome guests on your site.

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