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How to keep eggplant seedlings before transplanting to the garden

How to keep eggplant seedlings before transplanting to the garden

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Hello. This year I am growing eggplant seedlings for the first time. And it seems a bit early. At least a month before transplanting, and seedlings are already 20-25 cm high, the leaves are large. How to save them before transplanting to the garden?


water ATHLETE he overgrowing seedlings.

he must be 90 days before landing. Then the sense will be ...

I plant blooming, normally take root. Large - not small. Mine isn’t growing, it is planted in peat pots, recently transplanted, all the same, it doesn’t grow ...

peat pots are disastrous for seedlings in 85%

yes, I noticed, I always put sour cream and milk bags in the glasses, but this year I knocked something, bought pots ... I didn’t have enough eggplant, so I planted some in plastic, which originally grew in plastic, soon it will bloom, and these transplanted from peat pots are quite malipusiki, go and none of them will grow.

Gorshkov peat has such a feature, when dried, they begin to dry “down deep, and it turns out that the roots, if they rested in this pot, are damaged by the method of“ cutting the peat of the pot into roots ”

and there weren’t any roots, when I transplanted seedlings into plastic cups, seedlings didn’t initially grow there.

and if they are transplanted into plastic? I think they should get around

Well, I’ve already been transplanted for two weeks, but they don’t want to grow.

I also transplanted peppers (room, hot) and also have been standing for 1.5 weeks already, apparently the root is growing, adaptation. everything will be fine!

I really hope that there isn’t much time left before the landing ...

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