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The better to close the greenhouse: with film or agrofibre

The better to close the greenhouse: with film or agrofibre

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Hello! I'm going to grow peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes in greenhouses. Advise what it is better to cover the greenhouse: with a film or agrofibre? What thickness? Can something grow in the open ground? Novgorod region. All a rich harvest! Thanks!


You can also grow cucumbers in the open ground, just cover them with film or covering material on cool nights. I plant everything in the open ground, everything grows well. Oryol Region.

Cucumbers are better in barrels or the like, then the roots are always warm. And greenhouses are certainly better shelter. It passes air and moisture as needed. Look for ready-made greenhouses with arcs.

I have arcs) I'm interested in exactly the covering material

Natalia, everything is growing beautifully here. The film is only in the greenhouse, everything else is growing in the open ground, I cover it with 17-25 agrofibre when it's cool.

Business - so business, then do it in an adult way - stationary from polycarbonate))))

we are for ourselves) we have a greenhouse, but everything will not go there))

we have film in large greenhouses. agrofibre on arcs. often tomatoes are also on the street under agrofibre, because in greenhouses there is not enough space.

cucumbers grow well in the soil and give a longer crop.

Thank you all for your advice!)

thanks! I will take denser!)

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