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Is it possible to feed seedlings NV-101

Is it possible to feed seedlings NV-101

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Hello, tell me, is it possible to feed HB-101 seedlings?


This is not feed.

2 drops per 0.5 liters of water, spray through the foliage, 1 time per week

This is a growth stimulator, if I'm not mistaken. What is the excess chemistry? (the manufacturer indicates what is made from an extract of needles or something similar) I think you can do without it

I water and sprinkle all the seedlings, soak only NB101 seeds, I like it, your right to believe it or not, this is not an advertisement, I buy different fertilizers every year, but I use only NB101, 1-2 drops per liter of water. Do not believe? , Your right. I do not like to show, write, doubters will show tomorrow results, Skeptics Rest!

You can spray 3 times with hydrogen peroxide once a week. Two tablespoons per liter of water. Or water. But only on wet roots (after watering)

Or insist eggshell.

I like HB 101, I use the second year. I’m happy about the harm, I don’t know, it’s already harmful to breathe fertilizers in the form of banana peels, eggshells, etc. I welcome and use, but there may be something wrong, because it’s not known what they process the same bananas and feed the bird

As far as I know, HB-101 is a growth stimulator, such as Epin, Zircon, Energen. I would not recommend feeding seedlings with this, if only you need to revive the plants, cheer up.

There is no chemistry in it, a natural product.

Where to get it?

In stores for the garden.

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