Pepper varieties for stuffing

Pepper varieties for stuffing

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Bell peppers are one of the most important sources of vitamins. Vegetable salads are prepared from it, added to juices, soups and main courses. Unfortunately, the shelf life of this healthy miracle vegetable is negligible. Therefore, it is not surprising that many housewives are trying to preserve its beneficial properties for a long time. The process of stuffing will help to cope with this difficult, at first glance, task.

Pepper surprises with its variety of colors and varieties. In all this abundance, it is very easy to get confused and confused when choosing the right variety of pepper for stuffing. A wrong choice can spoil not only the aesthetic appearance of the dish, its taste, but also lead to disappointment in one's culinary abilities.

Criteria for choosing peppers for stuffing

The main criteria when choosing a variety of sweet peppers for stuffing are:

  • fetal wall thickness;
  • yield.

According to the degree of ripening, early and later varieties are divided. Representatives of the first category can be collected at the end of June, beginning of July, the second - before the first frost.

Pepper varieties suitable for stuffing

The most popular among housewives, according to reviews, are the following varieties of sweet bell peppers:

  1. Gift from Moldova.
  2. Golden miracle.
  3. Golden Rain.
  4. Topolin.
  5. Gypsy F1 (hybrid).
  6. Bogatyr.
  7. Atlant.
  8. Red shovel.
  9. California miracle.
  10. Tusk.

Let's consider each of them separately.

"Gift of Moldova"

The variety belongs to the mid-season category. Bushes of medium height, do not need a garter, high-yielding. Pepper has an oblong shape, walls of medium thickness - up to 7 mm. Due to its shape and excellent taste, the vegetable is perfect for stuffing and canning.

"Golden Miracle"

The bushes of this variety are medium in size, but quite voluminous. Such a large space is compensated during the harvesting period, when from 10 to 18 peppercorns are harvested from one plant. The vegetables are sweet in taste, juicy, with thick walls (8-10 mm). The plant is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors.

"Golden Rain"

The variety is early maturing. It will take 115 days for the fruit to fully ripen. Plants can be grown both in the greenhouse and in the open field. The yield is high. The peppercorns are yellow, spherical. The walls are up to 8 mm thick. A representative of this species tolerates pest attacks well, has excellent disease resistance.

Attention! The Golden Rain pepper is spherical and should only be prepared for serving. As an option for canning, this variety is not the best.


A representative of this variety ripens within 120-130 days, has a high yield, and is unpretentious. Bell pepper bushes reach a height of 50-60 cm. Wall thickness ranges from 6 to 8 mm.

"Gypsy F1"

Hybrid variety. It differs from representatives of non-hybrid varieties in its increased yield and good resistance to pests and diseases. Vegetables are grown mainly in a greenhouse, but the variety is also suitable for open ground. The fruits are oblong, juicy, with thick walls.

Important! Hybrid varieties are just as good as regular varieties. In terms of its taste, the hybrid is in no way inferior to the original, and even surpasses it in some positions.


The fruits of this variety ripen by mid-July, so it is classified as mid-season. Bushes are medium-sized. The slightly elongated peppercorns reach 20 cm, have a thick wall (about 7 mm) and weigh from 140 to 200 grams. The variety has a high yield and is resistant to pests. Seeds are planted in February, and seedlings are planted with the onset of heat. Depending on the region, the timing of planting seedlings in the ground varies slightly, from late April to mid-May. The variety is suitable for planting both in the greenhouse and in the open field.


You can harvest this type of pepper two and a half months after planting the plant in the ground. The fruits are rather large and fleshy. The wall thickness reaches 1 cm. The bushes are small in height - about 80 cm. The great advantage of the variety is its versatility - it is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. Unpretentious. It tolerates small fluctuations in temperature well, and is resistant to pest attacks.

"Red shovel"

The fruits of a rich, bright red color begin to ripen in early July. The bushes are low - up to 70 cm. Up to 15 fruits are formed on one plant, each weighing up to 160 g. The wall thickness of this hero reaches 8 mm. The taste is very sweet, with a slightly pronounced peppery aroma. It tolerates attacks of pests well, is resistant to diseases.

"California miracle"

Refers to late ripening varieties. Until the fruit is completely reddened, the plant needs 120-130 days after sowing the seeds, therefore, the culture should be planted for seedlings from February. The variety does not require special care and any additional growing conditions. It grows well and ripens both in the greenhouse and in the open field. Bushes of medium height are able to reproduce from 10 to 14 fruits of pinkish-red color. The wall thickness reaches 8 mm. The variety is very popular due to its taste and high vitamin C content.


The representative of this variety has a bright red color, sweet taste with a pronounced flavor characteristic of pepper. This type of bell pepper can be harvested within 100 days after planting. The variety belongs to the early maturing, fruitful. One bush grows up to 15-18 peppercorns. Wall thickness - 8-9 mm.

Attention! The bushes of the "Tiven" variety are quite high, up to 170 cm. This fact must be taken into account when choosing the optimal place for planting.

Stuffed bell peppers are a delicious and very healthy treat. There are a lot of recipes for preparing this delicacy. Each hostess tries to bring her own flavor to the dish, to make it individual and unique. Armed with the knowledge of the best stuffing peppers, you can easily start creating your unique culinary masterpiece.


Maria Vladimirovna, 55 years old, Cheboksary

I have been growing bell peppers on my site for many years. I tried different varieties. I liked the California Miracle pepper the most. Ripe peppercorns not only look beautiful, but have a delicate sweetish taste. The pulp is juicy, the walls are dense and thick. I mainly use this variety for stuffing. My guests really like it. You can also use this pepper for making salads.

Elena, 34 years old, Novokuznetsk

I love coockie so much. I buy pepper from trusted gardeners or as they are also called farmers. I tried to somehow cook stuffed peppers. The first pancake, as they say, is lumpy. The aesthetic appearance of the dish left much to be desired. But I decided not to stop and find out the real reason for my failure. It turned out that the whole problem was in the wrong kind of bell pepper. Now I cook a dish only from proven varieties: "Golden Rain", "Atlant" and "Topolin". The result is always excellent!

Eleanor, 31 years old, Moscow

I am a cook by profession. I work in a restaurant. One of the specialties of our establishment is stuffed peppers. I was convinced from my own experience that not all varieties are suitable for making stuffed peppers. It is best cooked with a thick-walled vegetable. If you serve the dish immediately after cooking, then you can use a rounder pepper, if you need to store it until winter, in a jar, it is better to use varieties that are more oblong in shape. The sweet bell pepper dish is not only tasty, but also very healthy, so I recommend everyone to try it at least once. Our visitors are very happy and come again to taste such a delicious, hearty and vitamin-rich delicacy.

Tamara Veniaminovna, 60 years old, Tver

I grow pepper in the greenhouse all the time, I make many different dishes from it. I really like to do seaming for the winter. She began to stuff pepper relatively recently, on the advice of her daughter. One day she came to me with a recipe for canning sweet peppers with the addition of minced meat and vegetables. I tried to cook it. It was decided to open a jar of miraculous salting for the New Year. The pepper turned out to be very tasty. Now I cook it every year. For rolling, it is best to use oblong vegetables so that they fit better in the jar. I use the Red Shovel and Bogatyr varieties. I recommend the dish to everyone.

Olga Fedorovna, 54 years old, Vladimir

I live in a private house. All my life I have been engaged in a vegetable garden. I grow many different vegetables, but my favorite is bell pepper. I have been growing it for 20 years. First, she planted seedlings in a greenhouse, then began to try to breed varieties for open ground. To my surprise, there were a lot of them. Pepper feels great outdoors. In addition, you do not need to spend energy on installing a greenhouse, covering it with film, airing almost by the hour. In addition, the yield did not suffer at all, but, on the contrary, increased. She harvested a record amount of pepper last year. The question arose: how to preserve the grown crop? I decided to stuff some of the pepper according to my neighbor's proven recipe. The pickles tasted just fine. I adopted the recipe for myself. Now every year I roll up stuffed peppers according to the proprietary recipe.

Inga Veniaminovna, 58 years old, Tomsk

Bell peppers are a favorite vegetable in our family. I grow it all the time in my garden. I try to plant varieties with different ripening periods in order to have time to process them. It is very convenient when the crop ripens evenly, in several stages. Early varieties tend to be used in vegetable salads and eaten raw. Later - I use for canning and stuffing. For preservation, you can use any variety, but for stuffing it is necessary to select peppercorns with thicker walls. I always try to stick to this simple condition when choosing peppers. The result is always excellent. The whole family is happy and well fed. I wish you the best of luck in your culinary endeavors.

Igor Fedorovich, 64 years old, Abakan

The cultivation of sweet bell peppers on the site is my old hobby. We can say that this hobby has gradually developed into something more, it has become my passion. I really like to experiment, so every year I plant new varieties and hybrids in addition to proven ones. Every year, pepper plantations are growing rapidly, and with them the harvest. My wife found an excellent way out of this situation - in addition to making salads, she began to stuff peppers and marinate in jars, thereby preserving it almost until spring. Such a tasty and very original solution made my hobby not only enjoyable, but also useful for our whole family.

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