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Garden genie gloves

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A simple and unique invention for gardening and gardening is the Garden Genie Gloves. They have recently appeared on sale, but have already managed to fall in love with many gardeners for their universal qualities. Let's figure out how these gloves differ from ordinary ones, and why working in them is a real pleasure.

Product description

Garden Genie Gloves are made of high quality foam rubber and one of the gloves has special plastic claw tips. They are designed so that the gardener or gardener can, without a special tool:

  • it is easy to loosen the ground;
  • dig a hole for the plant;
  • remove leaves;
  • evenly distribute garden gravel, straw or compost;
  • remove weeds;
  • select a groove for the seeds.

These gloves can easily replace a rake, shovel, hoe and other garden tools. They do not get wet, they are difficult to tear or damage, their service life is several years (approximately 2-3 years, depending on the intensity of use). It is convenient to plant plants in them, to loosen the ground. Going to the dacha, you can take only Garden Genie Gloves with you.

Review of positive qualities

Garden Genie gloves will make any gardener feel great. They are significantly superior in quality to any other similar product:

  • more durable;
  • easy to clean from dirt;
  • are not afraid of plants with thorns;
  • hands in them remain dry and clean;
  • do not damage plant rhizomes;
  • protect the skin of the hands from the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers;
  • comfortable to wear (you can work with any inventory in them);
  • do not require care;
  • the size is suitable for everyone, it is universal;
  • replace several garden tools at once.

Ordinary rubber gloves can be easily torn, hands sweat in them, digging in the ground, it is easy to damage thin material and bring dirt under the nails. Buying up to twenty pairs of gloves per season, the gardener spends a lot of money on them. You can do it differently: when purchasing unique Garden Genie Gloves, the buyer pays once, and uses them for several years.

The ergonomic design of the Garden Genie is also a big plus. Such gloves can not only be purchased for yourself, but also bought as a gift. There are those who have not yet had time to try all the unique qualities of this product.

Video instruction

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video instructions for using the gloves of this brand. It is very easy to use them, and most importantly - simple.

Purchase and delivery

A large number of fakes of the original Garden Genie gloves have appeared on the market today. You can buy them through the official website of the manufacturer's representative office by clicking on the link at the end of the article. This is convenient because you can save time.

It takes only two minutes to place an order, a company specialist will definitely contact the buyer to clarify the details. The advantages of buying through the site are as follows:

  • high quality product guarantee;
  • lack of prepayment;
  • fast and high-quality delivery (the buyer can track the movement of the parcel);
  • delivery to any part of the country, as well as to the CIS countries;
  • provision of discounts;
  • best value;
  • return guarantee.

The goods will be delivered to the specified address within seven days from the date of purchase. Gloves are securely packed, payment is made upon receipt of the goods at the post office or upon delivery of the parcel by courier. To buy Garden Genie Gloves wholesale, you need to leave a request on the website and check with the manager the amount of the discount. This is decided individually.

The cost does not change when delivered to the CIS countries, it is automatically converted into the national currency of the country where the buyer is located. You don't have to overpay when buying Garden Genie Gloves. The price of the product, taking into account the discount, today is about 2,000 rubles. The promotion is limited, you must order as soon as possible to take advantage of the opportunity to buy these unique gloves at a reduced price.

Customer Reviews

It is always very interesting to know your opinion about a product on the eve of a purchase. This will make sure that it really meets the declared qualities.

Oksana R., Rostov-on-Don

Very comfortable Garden Genie Gloves! The parcel was delivered in three days, payment upon receipt. They have claws on their right hand. Convenient to work: dig, loosen the ground, collect leaves even after winter. The size fit me and my husband. The packaging indicates that it is universal. The only thing I would like to draw your attention to: since the claws are located on the right side, it is inconvenient to take small seeds with this hand. I take the glove off my hands every time. It is convenient for some summer residents to do this with their left hand.

Vasily Petrov, Samara

My brother sent me such gloves as a gift from Germany. They have served for almost three years, the rubber from which they are made is durable. I was very happy when I found the same gloves on sale with us. I ordered, received quickly and enjoy their quality again. The wife used to often use small garden tools in the form of shovels and a rake, and now she uses only these gloves. It is very comfortable in them, hands remain clean and protected.


One of the best gifts for all those who love their garden and vegetable garden! The high quality and functionality of this product will delight any summer resident.

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