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Is it possible to put granulated chicken droppings in holes when planting seedlings of tomato, pepper, cucumbers

Friends, give advice, is it possible to put granulated chicken droppings in the holes when planting seedlings of tomato, pepper, cucumbers?


I plant German always with cucumbers

You also need to take the “correct” bags so that they do not crumble in the sun when using.

I’ll look for you

Last year, Chinese snakes planted cucumbers HORROR! All were long and bitter


I read that Chinese cucumbers in Teplice should be kept in one stalk. Your opinion on this issue.

Now on the Internet I read about them (about the Chinese) some kind of horror, but I heard about them from Julia, that's why I bought

I grew them on the street, but there, of course, the bush is more powerful, the leaves are large, but I grew them, like everyone else, but I need more space.

And I, too, this variety was bitter.

Plant "Connie", you will always be with cucumbers, from early July to late September. There are never bitter (genetically without bitterness), and no hooks, always equal to one to one, cucumbers! We plant many years !. They are sown immediately in the ground, or for seedlings in peat pots!

Not true! Very tasty cucumbers are just super! Bitter? Water more often. I am delighted with these cucumbers.

I agree about the relationship between bitterness and watering! I don’t remember hooking from the cold or lack of something (I can’t be shortages of mine, they grow on compost, but it freezes for sure)

I also liked Chinese cucumbers. Planted more than one year. Sweet, seeds are small and do not outgrow, in open. Soil.

I also want to plant German this year, they all praise very much, they told me they are not bitter. Yes, and they’re selling out surprisingly fast, I've been looking for seeds for a month already) well, there’s still time 🙂

So that cucumbers are not bitter, I buy those that say “genetically without bitterness” and there are no bitter ones. It was 2 years ago a lot of bitter cucumbers and I began to read on this subject. And now I draw attention to this.

Chinese very many species now appeared I planted an Alligator, really liked, fragrant, delicious 50-53 cm. Grow. In general, the ordinary ones really liked Herman, Claudia and Masha, very productive, now I only buy them)

Maybe we are talking about different varieties. But I just didn’t do it? Bitter. I always plant 10 different varieties. Everyone else was great.

Well, maybe different. I also bought Chinese snakes

These are small cucumbers 10-12 cm, and what does the mixed type of flowering mean?

Great variety for greenhouses courage german claudia

I do not like the Chinese

I also bought Chinese just because it says fruit to frost

Let's try

It’s possible, but it’s better not to plant it right away. If you throw a litter, mix it with the ground and spill it well, then it will disperse in the ground, but I would risk planting something in a couple of weeks.

Better to breed and water the earth. Plant in a few days

If everything burns dry, the familiar potatoes were planted, and several pellets in each well, the whole potato burned.

Thank you all for your reply.

If you make a large hole, put a very little litter, sprinkle with earth on top and plant the crop so that the roots of the litter do not touch directly then you can. It’s easier to plant just in the ground, and to separate the litter in a barrel with water 1 bucket of litter per 200 liters of water, insist a week or more and fertilize already established plants. Take 1 liter of solution from a barrel into a bucket of water and feed it one liter under a bush.

It’s written on my packaging to spread or pour on top, then gradually it will soak and nourish from rain and watering.

I once wrote about chicken droppings, don’t get carried away very much, everything can be burned up, I wrote that I have a site near the poultry farm, and everyone is lazy to carry to their gardens, and because of their ignorance they covered so much that nothing grew in the gardens for a year 3

Putting in the holes is possible, but not more than a tablespoon, everything grows like yeast