Protecting potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle before planting

Protecting potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle before planting

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In many regions of Russia, potato plantings suffer from the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle. Adult beetles are less harmless than their larvae. They, like "red berries" stick around the bushes of potatoes, completely devour the entire tops, leaving only the stalks.

Naturally, damaged plants are not able to recover quickly, the yield is reduced several times. Gardeners are trying to find ways to combat the pest. Treating potatoes before planting with the Colorado potato beetle is an effective method. Today, you can choose the appropriate drugs to protect the tubers from the pest.

Influence of the Colorado potato beetle on yield

Back in the late 19th century, in the fields of Nebraska, unknown beetles damaged potato plantings. After 4 years, the mass of beetles increased significantly, they were able to get to the state of Colorado. Here the damage was significant. After that, the beetle began to be called Colorado.

Beetles and their offspring are gluttonous. Adult beetles damage the tubers themselves. The object of food is not only potatoes, but also eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, physalis, wolfberry, henbane. Do not refuse some flowers, which also belong to the nightshade family. The larvae are the most voracious in the family.

During the entire vegetative period, pests have to be dealt with by various means. But you can protect the seedlings at the very beginning of the growing season, if you specially treat the tubers with drugs from the Colorado potato beetle.

Adults hibernate in the soil at a depth of 30 to 50 cm. They also do not shun tubers. There were cases when an insect was found when peeling potatoes.

Protection methods

The task of vegetable growers is to protect potato plantings from the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle. Tuber processing should be done before planting. There are professional (use of chemicals) and folk remedies. Let's try to figure them out.

Professional protection

Processing potatoes before planting from the Colorado potato beetle involves the use of pesticides. There are foreign-made drugs, they were used until recently. Today, the Russian chemical industry has produced a lot of high-quality drugs that are not inferior in their properties to foreign counterparts. Their quality can be judged by the numerous reviews of vegetable growers.

Attention! Foreign and Russian plant protection products have the same effectiveness, since the compositions are almost identical. But the cost of Russian drugs is much lower.

What Russian means of protecting potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle can be used:

  1. Prestige is a reliable protection of landings. To prepare a solution for processing potatoes, 50 ml of the product is diluted in three liters of water.

    Gardeners, as a rule, prepare about 50 kg of potatoes for planting. The resulting solution is sufficient. Plants will receive reliable protection.
  2. Maxim is most often used in conjunction with Prestige. Maxim is used to treat not only tubers, but also to pickle the soil where insects can hibernate.
  3. The cruiser is effective. Not only protects tubers from the Colorado potato beetle, but also prevents the spread of viral diseases. Landings are protected for a month and a half.
  4. Taboo saves not only from the Colorado potato beetle, but also from all pests (especially the larvae of the click beetle) that live in the soil. Processed tubers under reliable protection for at least one and a half months. Precipitation does not diminish the effect of the drug.

Advice! The protective effect can be enhanced if the chemicals are used not one at a time, but in combination.

Video about the treatment of tubers before planting with chemicals:

Safety engineering

Any means for dressing soil and potato tubers are toxic. Therefore, compliance with safety precautions when working with any chemical preparations must be observed unquestioningly:

  1. It is necessary to protect all exposed parts of the body: put on a jacket, gloves, cover your face with a scarf or mask. If etching needs to be carried out before leaving the site, this is done in a ventilated area, for example, on a balcony, if you live in a city. It is easier for the villagers: they take the planting material out into the street. Works are performed in calm weather.
  2. Before working with preparations for spring treatment of potato tubers, you need to carefully study the instructions. Prepare the solution, taking into account the dosage.

Processing rules

Potato tubers are processed just before planting. A tarp or a large piece of cellophane is spread on the ground. To prevent it from flying away, the edges are pressed down.

  1. Potatoes with green sprouts, ready for planting, are slowly laid out in one layer on a litter in order not to damage the planting material. To correctly calculate the amount of pesticide, the tubers must be hung before germination. If there are not many potatoes, you can use plastic fruit boxes, pre-lined with cellophane.

  2. The drug cannot be stored, so it is prepared for one-time dressing of tubers. You need to dilute, taking into account the dosage.
  3. Before starting the processing of tubers, all assistants must be removed at a distance. The person who will perform the etching pours the prepared solution into the sprayer. The work is carried out slowly so as not to miss a single tuber, otherwise some of the potatoes will be defenseless against the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae. When the tubers are dry, you can start planting.

Attention! Processed tubers should not be taken with bare hands. Use gloves.

If there is no sprayer, then the tubers can simply be dipped in the solution. Used for "bathing" the potato net. They are immersed in a pesticide for 2-3 seconds (no more!). To dry the tubers, they can be laid out on a tarp. This etching method is only suitable for small amounts of planting material.


It usually takes up to three hours to dry. If the processing was carried out outside the garden, then the planting material must be packed in two layers of film or tarpaulin so that the pesticides do not have time to evaporate.

Proven methods for centuries

The Colorado potato beetle was brought to Russia with potatoes at the beginning of the 19th century. Among Russian birds, there are no fans to feast on poisonous red larvae and striped beetles. It is for this reason that the insect feels safe. People had to come up with means to protect the potatoes from the gluttonous Colorado potato beetle and save the potato crop.

Although folk methods are not as effective as chemical preparations, they are harmless. Yes, and pesticides in ancient times were not.

So, let's begin:

  1. Every house had stove ash. It was harvested and used as fertilizer in vegetable gardens. Inquisitive gardeners found out that the solution helps to save potatoes. The composition was diluted in the proportion: 1 part of ash and 10 parts of water. The tubers were dipped in an ash liquid before planting.
  2. Potassium permanganate is used by all gardeners and vegetable growers. Water is poured to the top into a ten-liter bucket and 1 gram of potassium permanganate is poured. It turns out a rich pink solution. Seed potatoes are "bathed" in it.
  3. For a 10-liter bucket of water, take 15 grams of boric acid. The tubers are dipped into the solution.
  4. You can also pickle tubers from the Colorado potato beetle with the help of copper sulfate. For a liter jar - 1 gram of substance.

Attention! All these folk methods of processing tubers before planting are harmless, you do not need to wear protective equipment.

Processed, and what's next ...

The protection of potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle in different ways saves the plants at first, for about a month and a half. The pickled tuber does not eat a single pest; at first, the poison also remains in the leaves.

But what about when the protection is over and the years of the Colorado potato beetle are in full swing? Landings can be treated with all the same drugs.

Warning! Processing stops 20-30 days before harvesting.

How to scare off the Colorado potato beetle from planting potatoes using birch tar on the video of a gardener:

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