Reviews about Granovsky's honey extractor

Reviews about Granovsky's honey extractor

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Granovsky's honey extractor has gained popularity among beekeepers for its ease of use. The possibility of continuous operation for a long time allows for quick pumping of honey in small and large apiaries. The device lends itself to independent manufacture, but in terms of performance it is inferior to the factory analogue.

Device device

It should be noted right away that the Granovsky apparatus was developed for the construction of the Dadan hive frames. The construction consists of a large barrel-shaped stainless steel body. Inside there are cassettes for attaching frames. The inner drum is made of ordinary metal with protective polymer dusting. Rotation of cassettes is carried out by an electric drive.

Important! The tight connection of the abutting elements of the honey extractor eliminates the occurrence of leaks.

The cassettes are connected to the rotor by a spring mechanism. Simultaneous turning during operation prevents honeycomb sticking. The rotor rotates on a bearing pair. A manual drive and an electric motor are located under the tank. The elements can be easily removed and replaced if necessary. The electric drive is controlled by the included remote control.

What are the types of Granovsky honey extractor?

Different models of Granovsky devices differ in the number of cassettes for frames that can be accommodated when pumping out honey, as well as in their functionality. Small models with 2, 3 or 4 frames do not rotate cassettes. The device is in demand by owners of a small apiary with a maximum of 10 hives. The honey extractor is compact, light weight, low cost.

For owners of medium-sized apiaries containing about 40 hives, the semi-professional Granovsky apparatus is optimal. It is designed for four frames, but the cassettes are installed rotating. The principle of operation, control is simple and similar to household models. Only the increased performance is different.

Industrial and private professional apiaries consist of over 40 hives. Pumping out large volumes of honey is carried out by Granovsky devices with six or eight rotating cassettes. The body is equipped with a spacious honey collection pocket. Honey is drained without filters.

The production of Granovsky honey extractors has been established by many manufacturers. The most famous company on the domestic market is Bi-Prom. The models of this company are equipped with a flat bottom. For analogues from other manufacturers, the bottom is made in the form of a cone.

The manufacturer Bi-Prom equips its devices with two types of electric drives. Models operating from 12 volts are more convenient to use in an apiary where there is no power supply. The connection is made to the battery. Models operating from 220 volts are more powerful and efficient. Such honey extractors have received more recognition from beekeepers.

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How the device works

The convenience of the honey extractor consists in two modes of operation:

  1. In manual mode, the rotating rotor stops after complete extraction of honey from one side of the frames. The cassettes are rotated. Further pumping takes place with the rotation of the rotor in the opposite direction.
  2. In automatic mode, the rotor constantly rotates until all honey is pumped out on both sides of the frames.

The beekeeper chooses the operating modes at his own discretion. If necessary, set the duration of operation, the signal of completion of pumping, the duration of the stopping of the rotor for the rotation of the cassettes.

The order and rules of work are displayed in the instruction. In general terms, the following actions are performed:

  1. Frames filled with honey are installed in cassettes.
  2. The beekeeper sets the mode, additional options, starts the device in operation by pressing the start button.
  3. The honey extractor rotor starts to rotate. From slow revs, there is a smooth acceleration to the set speed.
  4. When all the honey is pumped out of the frames, the rotor gradually slows down the rotation speed and stops.

If there is still honey in the combs or it has been pumped out quickly before the rotor stops, the mode is selected incorrectly. The beekeeper, through practical selection, sets new parameters.

Advantages and disadvantages of Granovsky honey extractor

The honey extractor is an individual equipment of the beekeeper. Each owner identifies for himself the positive and negative sides. In general terms, the Granovsky apparatus has the following advantages:

  1. Small size is determined by the type of model, for how many frames the device is designed for. In general terms, all honey extractors are compact, easy to transport by car.
  2. The use of thin stainless steel has allowed the manufacturer to reduce weight. The honey extractor is easy to carry around the apiary by hand.
  3. An undeniable advantage is the high speed of honey pumping.
  4. Thanks to the electric drive, continuous work is established until all frames are free of honey.
  5. The work of Granovsky's apparatus is easy to control. Simple maintenance consists of cleaning at the end of the work. All non-electronic breakdowns can be easily repaired by yourself.
  6. The cost of a honey extractor is available to an ordinary beekeeper.

The thin stainless steel body resists light impacts. No dents appear on the walls. The stainless steel washes well and is resistant to corrosion. The absence of closed areas makes cleaning easy.

Granovsky's apparatus is universal. It is used stationary and in the field. Any honey extractor is suitable for an amateur and professional apiary. Only performance depends on the wrong model.

Important! Granovsky's apparatus does not crush fresh honeycombs.

Beekeepers speak well of the honey extractor, but highlight three of its drawbacks:

  1. It is difficult to mount a heavy metal crane on a thin body. The stainless steel "plays". If you apply great force, the body can be deformed.
  2. The manufacturer did not think about a reliable fixation of the legs. From vibration they weaken, there is a roar.
  3. With the filling of the tank with honey, the rotation speed of the frames decreases, and productivity decreases.

All disadvantages are insignificant and can be easily eliminated. Instead of a metal faucet, a lightweight plastic analogue is installed. The fixation of the legs is checked before each pumping. The tank is not overloaded with honey. The container is emptied after filling more than 40 liters.

How to disassemble and assemble Granovsky's honey extractor

The honey extractor is assembled according to the attached instructions. The device comes from the factory in a package made of strips. Wooden lathing protects the body from mechanical damage during transportation. Electric actuator with control unit are supplied in a separate box. After unpacking, they are installed on the honey extractor. The drive is bolted under the housing from below. The pulleys are connected by a belt drive.

According to the reviews of beekeepers, difficulty may arise during the installation of the control unit. If you simply bolt it to the body, the mounting plate presses the corners of the honey extractor lids, and they do not open.

The problem is solved by cutting off the corners of the covers. The material is easily cut with a hacksaw blade for metal.

Alternatively, the unit can be fixed with a fixing plate under the cross bar. The covers will open freely without sawing corners. However, such mounting is not possible if the rotor axis is displaced.

Disassembly of the Granovsky apparatus occurs in the reverse order.

Is it possible to make a Granovsky honey extractor with your own hands

For self-assembly of Granovsky's honey extractor, it is optimal to choose a model for 2, 3 or 4 frames. An old washing machine will serve as a body. The tank should not be aluminum, but stainless steel and covered with a lid. The drain hole at the bottom is used to fix the tap through which honey is taken. The tank is installed on the legs. The height is determined individually so that a container for draining honey crawls under the tap. On the opposite side of the crane, a counterweight is attached.

The drive is used native to the washing machine. For the manufacture of the rotor and cassettes, it is optimal to familiarize yourself with the design of a factory honey extractor from a familiar beekeeper. The dimensions of the elements will have to be calculated individually for the available tank.

Home-made honey extractor is much inferior in performance to the factory apparatus of Granovsky. Incorrect rotor calculations and cassette dimensions will lead to imbalance. A working honey extractor will rattle, break honeycombs.

Advice! It is better to buy a prefabricated honey extractor. It is advisable to refuse homemade products.


Granovsky's honey extractor will save the beekeeper from exhausting manual work. Subject to the instructions, careful use, the device will work for many years and will quickly pay off.

Reviews of beekeepers about Granovsky's honey extractor

Vasily Petrovich Shevtsov, 59 years old, Moscow region

Last year I bought a four-cassette honey extractor. Apiary of 10 hives, but I plan to expand. After the first launch, the device seemed frail. The body vibrated slightly during operation, but the honey was pumped out quickly. According to the result of the season of use, there is still a positive opinion about the purchase.

Evgeny Vladimirovich Konovalov, 47 years old, Rosto region

I have an apiary of 30 beehives. I took a honey extractor with six cassettes. Initially worried about the electric drive. I was afraid that the motor would not pull. The device has justified itself from the first season. The pumping modes work and are conveniently programmed. The motor does not overheat much during operation.

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