Columnar apple Vasyugan: description, pollinators, photos and reviews

Columnar apple Vasyugan: description, pollinators, photos and reviews

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The columnar apple variety Vasyugan is a compact, undersized, high-yielding, frost-resistant tree. Recently, these species have been very popular, since they are suitable for growing in almost all regions. With proper care, the tree not only bears abundant fruit every year, but also retains its graceful decorative shape.

A characteristic feature of the apple tree is the growth of the trunk in the vertical direction without lateral branches.

Breeding history

The Vasyugan apple variety was bred in 1987 at the State Moscow Institute of Horticulture by breeders N. G. Morozov and V. V. Kichina. The plant was obtained by crossing the Brusnichnaya and KV-5 varieties. The culture was bred specifically for cultivation in the Far East and the Urals.

Vasyugan apple trees take root well in Central Russia

Characteristics of the columnar apple Vasyugan

Summer varieties of columnar Vasyugan apple trees are divided into dwarf, semi-dwarf and vigorous. In addition, several subspecies are classified into early, late summer and early autumn.

Dwarf varieties are characterized by high annual productivity

Fruit and tree appearance

The Vasyugan apple tree has the following external characteristics:

  • crown height of an adult 7-8-year-old vigorous tree - up to 3 m;
  • crown height of an adult 7-8-year-old bonsai - up to 2 m;
  • crown width - up to 0.5 m;
  • the shape of the crown is cylindrical, columnar;
  • annual crown growth - up to 20 cm;
  • the trunk is strong, strongly leafy;
  • twigs are short, with many rings;
  • the shape of the leaves is elongated, large, with pointed tips;
  • the color of the leaves is bright green;
  • fruit weight - up to 200 g;
  • the shape of the fruit is round-conical, elongated;
  • the surface of the fruit is hard;
  • the color of the fruit is yellow-green, with a characteristic red or pink blush;
  • the color of the fruit pulp is white, with a creamy tint;
  • the structure of the pulp is juicy, fine-grained, dense;
  • classic apple pulp aroma;
  • the skin of the fruit is thin, dense.

Columnar apple variety Vasyugan is a fruitful, early-growing, compact, unpretentious crop

Life span

On a personal plot, the columnar variety Vasyugan can grow for 15-20 years. After 20 years, the plant gradually begins to die off.

At the first signs of withering away, the apple tree should be uprooted and replaced with a new seedling.


The excellent taste of Vasyugan apple pulp cannot leave indifferent lovers of healthy food. Vitamin fruits have a delicate dessert, sweet and sour taste.

Fruits of the Vasyugan variety are characterized by a tasting score of 4 points out of the maximum possible 5

Growing regions

The columnar dwarf variety Vasyugan was specially bred for cultivation in the difficult conditions of the North of Russia. Currently, the culture is successfully grown everywhere: from the Urals, Trans-Urals, Siberia to the Far East.

The trees of the dwarf columnar variety Vasyugan perfectly tolerate various conditions, except for the equatorial and tropical climates. To enter a new vegetative cycle, the plant needs several months of winter dormancy.

The apple tree of the columnar dwarf variety Vasyugan is planted for various purposes: for harvesting, as hedges, as the main decor of gazebos and picturesque recreation areas


The compact columnar apple Vasyugan is characterized by a stable yield. Up to 7 kg of ripe fruit can be removed from one tree annually. Productivity increases every year. The peak yield begins at the age of 4. High productivity has been observed for about 15 years. After the end of this period, the tree bears fruit, but the weight of the fruit is noticeably reduced (up to 50 g), most of the ringlets dries up.

The yield is influenced not only by the quality of irrigation and the level of soil fertility, but also by weather conditions.

Frost resistant

The miniature Vasyugan apple tree is a frost-resistant crop that tolerates temperatures up to - 42 ⁰С. Frost resistance is the main dominant trump card of the culture, which was specially bred for the harsh conditions of the Far East.

Apple tree columnar miniature variety Vasyugan successfully "survives" severe winters, with extreme temperatures up to - 45 ⁰С

Disease and pest resistance

The Vasyugan variety of columnar compact apple trees has sufficient immunity to the most common pests of fruit trees above average. The plant shows an increased level of resistance to the main diseases of this species.

At the first signs of disease and the appearance of pests, plants should be treated with special solutions of insecticides and fungicides

Flowering period and ripening period

The flowering period is indicated by the beginning of May. The color is formed on small branches with flower buds located along the surface of the trunk. The flowers of the columnar miniature apple of the Vasyugan variety are large, with a pronounced aroma that attracts the attention of insects (in particular, pollinating bees).

In order to maximize productivity, it is necessary to plant an appropriate pollinator variety with the same flowering time near the crop.

The unique ability of the Vasyugan apple tree is fruiting in the year of planting. To maintain the health and vitality of the culture, the ovary should be cut off so that the plant does not waste energy on ripening the fruit.

The ripening period for apples is the end of August or the beginning of September (depending on the weather conditions in the region).

Vasyugan inflorescences are distinguished by their particularly large size and strong aroma.


The Vasyugan apple tree blooms in the first ten days of May. A pollinator for a plant can be any other variety of apple trees of this species (for example, the columnar Canadian Sunrise), the flowering period of which is also characterized by the beginning of May.

The plant needs neighboring pollinating varieties

Transportation and keeping quality

Ripe Vasyugan apples remain transportable for 1-3 months. The shelf life of apples of this variety is indicated for periods of 1 to 3 months, since at an air temperature of up to 0 ⁰С and while maintaining a level of air humidity up to 80%, the fruits are able to retain taste characteristics.

Vasyugan apples are not distinguished by a high degree of keeping quality

Advantages and disadvantages

The miniature Vasyugan apple tree is characterized by a wide range of significant advantages:

  • predominant classic apple aroma of fruit pulp;
  • excellent taste of fruits;
  • universal application;
  • compact size of trees (up to 1-1.5 m²);
  • resistance to causative agents of major diseases and pests;
  • frost resistance;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • early maturity, fruiting for 2 years after planting;
  • long term of culture use, up to 15 years;
  • easy care;
  • stable yield.

Among the disadvantages of the plant, one can single out an insufficiently long shelf life of fruits (up to 1-3 months).

Due to its amazing aesthetic data, the Vasyugan apple tree is used in landscape design to decorate the local area

Landing rules

When purchasing seedlings of the Vasyugan apple tree, you should pay attention to the bark and roots. These parts of plants should not contain growths, dark spots, or other signs of disease. The root system cannot be overdried or damaged.

In southern regions with relatively warm winters, apple seedlings are planted in September. In the northern regions, planting is carried out in early spring.

Young Vasyugan seedlings are planted in a hole, up to 70 cm wide and deep.The bottom of the hole should contain a nutrient mixture from:

  • land;
  • dolomite flour;
  • compost or humus;
  • peat;
  • superphosphate and potash fertilizers;
  • river sand.

A well with a nutrient mixture is prepared in advance, 1-2 weeks before planting apple seedlings in open ground. Immediately before planting, the hole is moistened with 10 liters of water, a peg is driven in the center of the hole. A sapling of a tree is placed in the center of the hole. The roots are evenly straightened, avoiding the formation of creases. The soil around the young apple tree is trampled down, watered with water, mulched and the seedling is fixed near a pre-prepared peg, which serves as a support for the plant.

It is best to grow plants from seedlings purchased from specialized nurseries.

Growing and care

The domestic Vasyugan apple tree is distinguished by its unpretentious care. The plant is characterized by the following features of agricultural technology:

  • abundance of sunlight;
  • winter temperature range - 12 ⁰С-35 ⁰С;
  • complete absence of drafts;
  • landing site - hills;
  • low occurrence of groundwater (more than 2 m from the soil surface);
  • soil - loamy, sandy loam, black earth;
  • the distance between trees is from 0.5 m to 1 m.

Unpretentious garden culture successfully takes root in the harsh conditions of the Russian north

Daily care of the domestic Vasyugan apple tree includes the following activities:

  • loosening the soil;
  • watering;
  • fertilizer;
  • sanitary pruning;
  • weed removal;
  • protection against pests;
  • disease prevention.

During the period of active growth of the plant (the first 4 years), the young tree needs more frequent watering. In a dry period, one 10-liter bucket of water must be added daily for each plant, or drip irrigation must be organized. In the case of a complete absence of rain, the culture needs surface watering of the crown (at least 1 time per month).

After each watering, the soil around the apple trees is loosened, weeds are removed.

Top-dressing is carried out from early spring to July at a frequency of 1 time per month. Plants "prefer" natural organic fertilizers, ammonium nitrate.

The main task of the gardener is to preserve the apical bud, which gives rise to future shoot. If the natural apical bud is damaged, one of the most healthy and strong shoots is chosen from vertically growing shoots, the rest are removed. This allows you to preserve the columnar appearance of the tree.

After the start of the process of sap flow, old, diseased, damaged branches are cut off.

To prevent diseases, trees are periodically treated with solutions of insecticides and fungicides, since in rainy summer periods there is a risk of scab damage to plants. Bordeaux mixture is used to fight the disease.

As the main measures for preparation for winter, mulch is removed around the apple tree, the plant is sheltered from frost and rodents with spruce branches or roofing material.

In the spring, the shelter, as well as the fallen leaves, are removed, the ground around the columnar Vasyugan apple tree is cleared of debris.

1-2 times during the summer period, you can feed the apple tree on the foliage with urea

Collection and storage

Ripe apples of domestic selection are characterized by a bright red color, which the fruits acquire by the end of summer. Depending on weather conditions, apples are harvested in August-September. For transportation and storage, apples are sorted, placed in boxes or boxes.

The shelf life of fruits without loss of taste is up to 1 month; general shelf life - up to 3 months at 80% humidity, air temperature up to 0 ⁰С.

Harvesting fruit is best on a sunny day.


The Vasyugan variety of columnar apple is distinguished by high yield and early maturity. Due to its compact size, the plant can be conveniently placed in the garden, even with limited space. Excellent taste, excellent presentation, high winter hardiness and frost resistance, strong immunity - these are not all the advantages of this culture.

The Vasyugan apple tree is the best choice for growing in the harsh conditions of Siberia


Drozdova Ekaterina, Yekaterinburg, 58 years old

On the advice of a friend, 7 years ago I bought Vasyugan apple trees for seedlings. I planted it in a row near the gazebo. In summer, the whole family admires beautiful, even, slender and low trees, on the stems of which numerous apples ripen. Last year, on average, up to 5 kg of the crop was harvested from one tree. Our cold winters are well tolerated by apple trees. When snow falls, a snowdrift forms around the trees, so the plant tolerates wintering without loss.

Kantemirov Ivan Semenovich, Amursk, 64 years old

I live in the Far East. In our summer cottage association, many gardeners grow cold-resistant, low-growing Vasyugan apple trees. My wife and I decided to uproot the old trees and plant a new garden of columnar trees. Four years ago we bought young seedlings of this variety and did not regret it. We planted a few trees and after one summer season they harvested the first harvest of our red-sided apples. The Vasyugan variety winters well, blooms profusely and bears fruit every year. Last summer, a record harvest was harvested, 5-5.5 kg of apples from each tree. I recommend the frost-resistant variety Vasyugan to all residents of the north of Russia - compact, high-yielding and beautiful trees.

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