Tomato Siberian Troika: variety description, photos, reviews

Tomato Siberian Troika: variety description, photos, reviews

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In 2004, Siberian breeders bred the Siberian Troika tomato variety. He quickly fell in love with gardeners and became widespread throughout the country. The main advantages of the new variety are unpretentiousness, high yield and amazing taste of the fruit. In addition to the listed qualities, "Siberian" tomatoes have a number of other advantages that every gardener should know about. For those who are not yet familiar with the culture, we will try in the article to give the most detailed description of the Siberian Troika variety, photos and reviews about it.

Detailed description of the variety

Delicious tomatoes "Siberian Troika" will always be in demand in the kitchen of the hostess. They can be used to make not only a salad, but also pasta, juice, pickles. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find varietal vegetables on sale, so you can get "Siberian" tomatoes only by growing them with your own hands. To do this, you should know the features of the cultivar agricultural technology and the description of the vegetables themselves.

Description of plants

The Sibirskaya Troika variety is determinant, standard. This means that its bushes up to 60 cm in height independently regulate their own growth. In caring for such tomatoes, it is only sometimes necessary to remove underdeveloped stepsons and lower large leaves.

The stalk of the Siberian Troika tomatoes is very thick and strong. It provides the plant with resistance. A garter for such bushes is required only at the stage of fruit pouring. A well-developed root system of tomatoes actively nourishes plants and becomes the key to a bountiful harvest.

As they grow, "Siberian" tomatoes form fruiting clusters consisting of 5-10 flowers. The first inflorescence is tied over the 9th leaf. Above the stem, flowers are formed every 2 leaves. In total, 10-12 inflorescences are formed on the main stem per season, after which the tomato bush stops growing. Under favorable conditions, you can prolong the fruiting of the plant by building up one of the side shoots. So, about a month before the tip of the main shoot, one should choose and leave one of the strongest fruiting stepson. As it grows, it, in turn, will also yield a crop with 10-12 fruiting clusters.

Description of fruits

The Siberian Troika tomatoes have an interesting, cylindrical or pepper-like shape with a small spout at the tip. The length of tomatoes can reach 15 cm, and the weight can vary from 200 to 350 g. The light green color becomes brown as the fruit ripens, and then bright red. The skin of the tomatoes is dense, but very tender, which is important in preparing a salad. The inner flesh of the fruit is tasty and sweet. In it you can see literally 3-4 small chambers filled with juice and a lot of seeds. Seeds of tomatoes of the "Siberian Troika" variety can be harvested for the next season from mature vegetables on their own. They are distinguished by good germination.

Important! Sibirskaya Troyka tomatoes are resistant to cracking.

Siberian tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, lycopene and other useful substances. The uniqueness of the culture lies in the fact that its fruits retain useful properties even after heat treatment.

Disease resistance of the variety

The Siberian Troika tomato variety has tremendous immunity to many diseases and pests. But despite this, experienced farmers still recommend carrying out preventive measures to protect tomatoes several times per season. For these purposes, you can use special biological preparations or folk remedies. It is rational to use chemicals only at the stage of active spread of the disease.

Late blight known to many can seriously damage Siberian tomatoes under certain conditions. For a preventive fight against it, after prolonged rains and sharp temperature fluctuations, use folk remedies, which can be found in detail in the video:


The determinant variety "Siberian Troika" allows you to get a good harvest of tomatoes in open and protected areas of land. The amount of vegetables harvested from one bush can exceed 5 kg. In terms of 1 m2 soil this figure is approximately 15-20 kg. Genetic resistance to external factors allows us to speak of a consistently high yield.

Ripening of tomatoes "Siberian troika" occurs in 110-115 days from the day of seed germination. It is recommended to grow tomatoes in seedlings. The presence of a pick and transplant can increase the ripening period of vegetables by several weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Surprisingly, the “Siberian” variety has no significant drawbacks. This is confirmed by numerous reviews and comments of experienced farmers. You can harvest these vegetables with a minimum of care, in all conditions. The obvious advantages of the variety are:

  • a high level of productivity in comparison with other determinant tomato varieties;
  • especially large fruits with amazing taste;
  • the possibility of long-term storage of mature vegetables;
  • no need to regularly form bushes;
  • compactness of plants;
  • high resistance to diseases and pests;
  • the ability to grow the variety in the open field.

Of course, all of the listed advantages can become a weighty argument when choosing a variety, but it is worth remembering that indeterminate, tall varieties should be grown in the greenhouse to obtain high yields. For open ground, determinate tomatoes are the best option.

Growing tomatoes

The Sibirskaya Troika variety is zoned for Siberia and the Urals, but it is successfully grown in the southern part of the country. In warm regions, tomatoes can be cultivated by sowing the seed in the ground. In harsher climates, it is recommended to grow tomatoes in seedlings.

Important! "Siberian" tomatoes are highly resistant to cold and heat.

It is recommended to sow the seeds of tomatoes of the "Siberian troika" variety for seedlings 2 months before the expected date of planting in the ground. So, in Siberia, it is recommended to plant seedlings in open ground in the first decade of June. Seedlings can be planted in the greenhouse at the end of May.

Before sowing, tomato seeds must be soaked alternately in a solution of potassium permanganate and in a solution of a growth stimulator. After processing, the seeds can be sown into the nutrient soil to a depth of 1 cm.If it is decided to sow the seeds for seedlings in one large container, then the distance between the seedlings should be at least 1.5 cm.

When the tomatoes have 2 full, strengthened leaves, the seedlings should be dived into separate containers. Before that, it is recommended to feed young seedlings with potash and phosphorus fertilizers.

In the process of growing, seedlings need to be fed 2-3 times with mineral and organic fertilizers. By the time of planting in a permanent place of cultivation, tomato seedlings should have 10 large leaves of bright green color. The seedling height should be 20-25 cm.

You need to plant tomato seedlings in rows:

  • distance between rows 50 cm;
  • the distance between seedlings in one row is 40 cm.

After planting, the plants need to be watered and left alone for 10 days. Further care of tomatoes consists in regular watering and loosening of the soil. Fertilizers should be applied every 1.5 weeks. At the time of the growth of greenery and the formation of fruits, it is necessary to use nitrogen fertilizers; during the ripening of vegetables, potassium-phosphorus preparations should be used to improve the taste of tomatoes.


The Siberian Troika tomatoes are an excellent option for open ground. They do not require any special maintenance and yield a good-tasting crop. Thick and meaty tomatoes are good for salads, sandwiches, juices, and canning. They ripen together and contain a number of useful trace elements. "Siberian" tomatoes can be a real boon for an experienced and novice gardener.


Olga Frolova, 49 years old, Kazan

How many different tomatoes I have grown, but I haven’t found anything better than the “Siberian Troika”. A very good variety, unpretentious, good ovary formation. Tomatoes are large and fleshy, sweet. Vegetables are good for both salad and winter preparations. If anyone has not tried growing these tomatoes yet, I advise you to plant a couple of bushes. Surely, the result will please.

Valentina Tikhomirova, 52 years old, Izhevsk

We do not have a greenhouse, so every year we grow tomatoes in open beds. The Sibirskaya Troika variety is perfect for this. You don't have to wait long for the harvest, the taste of tomatoes is excellent. We remove at least 5 kg from each bush during the season. This amount of vegetables is enough for salads and pickling.

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