How to grow a bright autumn flower "Gelenium"

How to grow a bright autumn flower "Gelenium"

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The wonderful flowers of gelenium throughout the autumn will remind you of the passing summer. At the same time, they will help to make the landscape design of the summer cottage even more attractive.

General description

Gelenium is a perennial. Flowering occurs from July to October. In length, the plant reaches 70-150 centimeters. Depending on the variety, the color of the petals can be:

  • orange
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • brown red.

The inflorescence is camomile. The center is convex. The edges of the petals are curly.

The birthplace of the plant is Central and North America. Gelenium does not have a perennial rhizome. Flower-bearing stems die off by the winter period. On the underground part of the annual stem at this time there are rosettes with leaves. The next year, a flower-bearing stem appears from it. Thus, the bush as such is absent, there are only many united independent plants.

Stems reach a height of 160 cm, straight, branching at the top. Leaves are lanceolate, arranged in the next order. Achenes have a slight pubescence, oblong-cylindrical. Inflorescences are baskets.

Varietal variety

In July, one of the most popular varieties of gelenium blooms - "Moerheim Beauty". It is distinguished by an unusual bronze-red color of flowers. In height, the gelenium of the presented species reaches 90 cm.

At the end of summer, you can enjoy the flowering of such varieties as:

  • "BaudirektorLinne", red-brown flowers (plant height - 130 cm);
  • "Waltraud", yellow-brown flowers (plant height - 80 cm);
  • "Koenigstiger", yellow flowers with a red border (plant height - 120 cm);
  • Magnificum, reaches a height of 80 cm, a low-growing variety, the middle is yellow.

In the fall, varieties such as Sonnenwunder and Septembergold flourish. The first variety has amazingly beautiful orange flowers; in the second grade, the flowers have a yellow color.

Photo gallery

Use in the country

Gelenium blooms in August, but it acquires brightness precisely in the autumn period. The plant looks great in group plantings.

Gelenium should be planted on slightly moistened, nutrient-rich soil. If the soil is heavy, compost and sand will be required.

The best option for placing flowers on the site is near the fence. There they are reliably protected from precipitation and look very attractive. Often Gelenium covers ugly outbuildings.

You can also plant a flower near ornamental shrubs, singly or in groups, in the background of flower beds. The plant goes well with asters, which bloom in autumn. Geleniums look very good in bouquets.

Gelenium: description and care

Important! Cut flowers should be only after they have blossomed, otherwise they will not open in the water.

We recommend that you read an article about creating a vibrant and beautiful flower garden in the fall.

Combination with other plants

You can use gelenium and in combination with perennials in the flowerbed. At the same time, it should be located in the middle or in the foreground of the flower garden. Having chosen the presented option, make sure that other plants do not interfere with the growth of gelenium. The plant looks great against the background of cascading flower beds. The best neighbors for him will be:

  • stonecrops;
  • delphiniums;
  • rudbeckia;
  • asters
  • snow-white phlox.

Gelenium looks interesting with geichera, marigolds, scaffolds, goldenrod, garden yarrow.

Another option is to land near a pond or pond.

Gelenium can be used both in combination with plants that are with it in the same color scheme (figelius cape, marigolds, goldenrod), and with white flowers.

Landing and care

  • The soil is prepared in the spring. They dig it to a depth of 30 cm and make compost. Seedlings are removed from the pots and placed in water for 5 minutes, it is important that the roots absorb moisture. The pit should be 2 times larger than the root ball. It is not necessary to deeply deepen the gelenium, it is enough of the same depth as in the pot.
  • In dry weather, plants need watering. Preference should be given to drip irrigation.
  • Gelenium, the landing of which is not difficult, has special care requirements. It is important to remember how plants exist in nature. They need fertile and moist soils. Flowers have high lighting requirements. In partial shade, plants with red petals will not bloom, but you can try to grow plants with yellow petals under such conditions. In dry times, watering is done 2 times a week.
  • It is worth noting that geleniums feel great in flower beds with a tight fit. In the foreground, you can place undersized species, in the background - tall. On the background of the lawn, tapeworms look great. However, this requires additional care in the form of timely watering.
  • Flowers will be grateful for the introduction of mineral dressings, a couple of times a season is enough. After three years, a transplant takes place - the bushes quickly age. However, it is recommended to carry it out in the autumn.
  • When growing gelenium, you need to know that even with proper care, the bush may not tolerate wintering. In snowless and frosty winters, flowers quickly freeze. It is noted that in this case, the state of plants created using other varieties, for example, Bigelow, is worse.
  • In winter, the soil near the plant is mulched with sawdust and moss. Top is covered with lutrasil. For winter, pruning is recommended.

Useful tips for the care of Gelenium

  • The acquisition of seedlings should be addressed in the spring. In this case, the plants must be healthy.
  • Shadow is disastrous for gelenium. He needs the sun all day.
  • To obtain sprawling bushes in the spring, the tops of the shoots are plucked.
  • The soil must be rich in nutrients.

Bushes are rejuvenated in spring or autumn. For this, the plant is dug up, then it is divided and planted again.

Breeding methods

Reproduction often goes in a vegetative way. The bush itself seems to fall apart into sockets. If you use reproduction by seeds, they will need stratification, because of this, sowing is carried out in the winter. Grooves should be prepared in advance, as after the soil freezes.

Seeds are placed in the grooves, and then humus is placed on top. Flowering plants will occur only in the summer. When planting in spring seedlings, the flowering of seedlings can be expected only in the second year. In June-July, rooting of cuttings can be carried out.

Chic Gelenium

Gelenium can be enjoyed in the autumn, when many plants have already faded. The main advantage of the plant is abundant flowering. Thorough care is not required; watering is sufficient in a timely manner.

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