Strict lines - landscape in a regular style

Strict lines - landscape in a regular style

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Landscape compositions that are performed in this style imply a proper arrangement of elements with respect to a particular given or main axis. In addition, the presence of strict geometric elements of the landscape is mandatory here. Trees and shrubs are planted in square, rectangular or checkerboard patterns. In this case, they must be cut, giving them the form of various geometric shapes (for example, a cone, ellipsoid, cube, pyramid, etc.). Ponds in this case have a symmetrical, usually rectangular shape, and the paths and alleys here should be straight, even and clear.

One of the most significant elements of the regular garden style is the stalls in the form of a composition made in a horizontal plane in a significant open space. Recall that the name "parterre" was formed from the French words "par" and "terre", which means "on the ground." The stall itself can be either lawn or floral or lace or made of patterns of different colors. A regular style in landscape design and a stall is a very good combination anyway, therefore, when using a stall in your garden or on the territory of a personal plot, you will not be mistaken.

The regular style of the garden implies the design of the site in a concise and simple direction. In most cases, it is a beautiful and moderate border in color, consisting of several annuals that bloom for a long time. These include marigolds, petunias, and viola. A border from creeping plants is also suitable, only careful control over their growth and mandatory indentation from the edge of the lawn is important. Often container planting can be used. The containers, in turn, should be made of ceramic, of the correct shape and placed in a certain direction and in accordance with the symmetry of the entire regular style in landscape design.

Gardens here can be surrounded by high walls or hedges, but sometimes such elements can also distinguish between zones located inside the site. In most cases, when a personal plot is located on a slope, multi-level terraces can be included in the landscape design, interconnected by various stairs, bridges. In the process of decoration, sculptures, forged fences and containers with flowers can be used.

A pronounced representative of the regular landscape style can be called the gardens of Versailles and the lion's share of parks located in Paris. If we consider our country in this regard, then this is, first of all, the numerous garden and park ensembles of St. Petersburg and the territories adjacent to it. There are also capital estates, made in a regular style.

Regular landscape style

Quite often, parks made in a regular style have two key points - the lower one, where the entrance is located and the upper one, from where you can see a beautiful panorama of the garden. In that case, if the park is in the same plane, then the role of the top point is played by some multi-story building, for example, a large palace.

So, we can say that the basic principle of a regular style is a combination of order and regularity in everything. The park, created in the French style, is created according to a single plan, which obeys the whole idea as a whole. All lines of such a park have a geometrically regular shape, and its paths are always straight and even the bend lines of these paths are drawn on the plan using a compass. A regular-style park always requires constant care, because otherwise it will simply decline. We recommend that you learn about a plant like a chicken poultry.

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