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The main direction of the contact action fungicide Shirlan is the protection of potato plantations from damage by late blight. The active ingredient has a special effect that stops the development of fungus from the soil. The drug protects tubers from damage by late blight and prevents the disease from spreading along healthy tops. Using Shirlan fungicide for potatoes, a vegetable grower does not have to worry about the appearance of fungal diseases, even during an epidemic.

Composition of the preparation

The drug belongs to the group of pyrimidinamines. The main active ingredient is fluazine. It is he who has a depressing effect on the fungus. However, fluazinam alone is not able to penetrate potato cells. Excipients are responsible for this work, the entire list of which is indicated by the manufacturer on the original packaging.

The concentration of the active substance in the preparation reaches 0.5 g / ml. Shirlan is sold in the form of a highly concentrated suspension. The consistency of the drug resembles liquid sour cream.

Attention! The manufacturer strictly prohibits the use of pure suspension. The concentrate will cause toxic potato contamination. A working solution is prepared for processing. The dosage is indicated on the packaging of the fungicide.

Positive characteristics

After reading the instructions for the fungicide Shirlan, positive impressions of this drug are already harmonizing. The advantages include the following points:

  • Shirlan belongs to the category of safe fungicides. The drug will not harm potatoes and other nearby growing crops. The main indicator of the fungicide is low phytotoxicity.
  • If we compare Shirlan with other analogs of contact action, then the drug in question is superior in efficiency. Moreover, to achieve a positive result, a smaller dosage of Shirlan is required.
  • During the studies, no cross-resistance was found with other drugs used to treat potatoes.
  • A big plus is the long period of protective action. Shirlan continues to work even in wet weather.
  • Fungicide destroys not only phytophthora. The drug blocks the development of fungal spores and their spreading along the tops of healthy potatoes.
  • The use of Shirlan allows you to slow down the development of fungal spores inside potatoes and in the ground. There are many capillaries in the soil. The fungicide blocks them, preventing spores from reaching the surface of the earth. By closing the capillaries, the likelihood of infection of young potato tops is reduced.

The main advantage of using Shirlan is safety for humans. Potato tubers do not accumulate toxic substances.

Mechanism of action

Shirlan takes effect immediately after use. The active substance fluazinam penetrates deeply into the soil and potato cells. The action begins by blocking the formation of new spores. A barrier is created for the growth and spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

Solution preparation rules

Considering Shirlan fungicide, solution preparation, video, it is worth touching a little on the preparatory period. The diluted preparation cannot be stored for a long time, therefore, at the time of processing, the performance of the sprayer is checked.

First, make sure the tank, hose and spray tip are clean. All elements of the sprayer are thoroughly washed, otherwise the dried components of other preparations remaining from the previous treatment may react with the fungicide. Secondly, the uniformity of the spray of the liquid and the amount of its delivery are tested. This will make it possible to correctly calculate the consumption of Shirlan's working solution for the treated area.

Advice! The performance test of the sprayer is checked with clean water.

Shirlan's working solution is prepared directly at the work site and before starting work. First pour ¾ volume of clean water into the sprayer tank. According to the dosage indicated on the packaging of the fungicide, the preparation is added. Stir the water with Shirlan in the tank well. After complete dissolution, a liquid should be obtained without precipitate flakes. The required volume of water is added to the tank, mixed again, and the working solution of the fungicide is ready for use.

Attention! It is recommended to periodically shake the tank while spraying. The solution will be constantly mixed, acquiring a homogeneous structure.

If you need to use other drugs simultaneously with Shirlan, then first find out their compatibility. If the results are positive, each substance is dissolved in turn. The working solution is suitable for 1 day.

Application of the solution and consumption rates

For the fungicide Shirlan, the instructions for use state that the drug should be used for the prevention of diseases. It is optimal to start processing potatoes at a time when weather conditions have come, which favorably affect the development of the fungus. However, in the culture itself, the disease should not yet manifest itself. If time is lost and the potatoes are heavily infected, the first treatment is performed with curative fungicides, and then with Shirlan.

Advice! Spraying potato plantations with Shirlan is best done after sunset. Can be applied early in the morning after dew has melted. The weather must be calm so that the fungicide spreads evenly over the potato plantation.

Spraying quality depends on the sprayer setting. Do not seek fog. The sprayer is adjusted so that small to medium sized droplets are emitted from the nozzle. The consumption rate of the fungicide solution is indicated on the package. This concept means abundant wetting of the stems and leaves of potatoes. However, during spraying, it is worth visually assessing the result. Heavy thickening, an occasional gust of wind, and other factors can create obstacles to uniform spraying. This will increase the consumption of the fungicide working solution.

A properly treated bush should be all wet, but so that the solution does not drip from the foliage to the ground. The approximate consumption of the concentrated Shirlan suspension is 0.4 ml / 10 m2... The finished solution for a similar area goes from 200 to 500 ml.

Duration of protective action

After treatment, the active substance protects potatoes from late blight, as well as Alternaria, on average, for ten days. The terms of protective action can decrease or increase for a couple of days, depending on weather conditions, cultivation techniques, and the quality of spraying. It is important to observe the recommended processing frequency. If re-spraying is carried out earlier than the agreed time, then the protective period is shortened, and the result deteriorates.

Toxicity and safety rules during spraying

For humans, Shirlan belongs to the second class of danger. When working with a fungicide, safety precautions are required. Spraying and preparation of the solution is carried out in overalls. Glasses and a respirator will protect against the ingestion of the fungicide into the human body.

Attention! You can start manual work on a plantation with potatoes no earlier than 7 days after spraying with a fungicide.

Inaccurate handling of the solution or during the opening of the container with the suspension can lead to the ingress of the fungicide on open areas of the body. The drug cannot be simply wiped off with a rag. The body area is thoroughly washed under running water and soap. Usually, allergic reactions do not occur, but in case of itching or redness, you should see a doctor.

Shirlan is practically safe for bees and other beneficial insects. However, the drug has a negative effect on the inhabitants of reservoirs. During spraying, it is worth taking measures to limit the ingress of the fungicide into the water as much as possible.

Compatibility with other drugs

The fungicide can be mixed in the sprayer tank with other drugs, such as those that help kill the Colorado potato beetle. Excellent compatibility with insecticides and desiccants. As an example, drugs "KARATE", "REGLON SUPER", "AKTARA" and others are used.

Shirlan is completely incompatible with any preparations containing alkali or copper. For example, Bordeaux liquid leads to the complete decomposition of the active substance of the fungicide. It is undesirable to combine Shirlan with any herbicides. Incompatibility is due to a mismatch in the timing of the use of drugs.

Shirlan in concentrated form cannot be mixed even with compatible preparations. The emulsion is diluted in water, and then another agent is added. When mixing compatible drugs, their periods of use must be the same.

Suspension storage

The concentrated Shirlan suspension is stored in its original packaging. The canisters are hidden from children. Direct sunlight is inadmissible. At temperatures from 0 to 40aboutWith a fungicide, it can be stored for up to three years.

In the video you can watch a webinar on fungicides for potatoes:

Shirlan and other potato fungicides are only safe when used correctly. When used wisely, it will help you get a good potato crop.

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