Inflatable pool: simple pleasures in the country

Inflatable pool: simple pleasures in the country

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Almost every person who owns a suburban land wants to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible. This is accompanied by some skills, experience and desire to equip the site. Today we want to talk about the possibility of installing a pool at the cottage - an excellent means for cooling, relaxing and just having a nice rest on any hot day.

Often, on the territory of the land, in addition to garden beds with vegetables and fruit stands, small flower beds with lovely flowers appear - this is the merit of our mothers and sisters. In the shady corners of the garden appear secluded and comfortable gazebos - a place to relax grandparents. Closer to the place of dinners, grills and barbecues were built - the pride of fathers and sons. The cottage gradually becomes habitable and turns into a place extremely comfortable and practical. And so, at the moment when each family member has his own corner in the country, it is worth building something in common. As we have decided above - it will be a pool.

Of course, if the land area and finances allow, it is possible to immediately proceed to the question of the location and construction of the capital structure, with a recreation area, with special functional facilities, covering and so on. But, not every one of us can afford such an option. Therefore, we will talk about designs that absolutely anyone can afford - these are inflatable pools.

Today it is a high-quality and practical replacement for the capital construction, which has earned the trust of many people and is very popular. The reason for this is a considerable number of technical characteristics and obvious advantages, which will be discussed in the next lines.

Advantages of Inflatable Pools

There are a lot of them, especially in a small budget:

  • Acceptable price. Indeed, there are a lot of manufacturers and dealers on the market, so it will be easy to choose;
  • Quick installation. According to the manufacturer's instructions, each person will be able to install and connect a reservoir in the country. This happens in a very short time, which depend mainly on the size and shape of the product;
  • Ability to move. If you are tired that the pool is installed in a hot place in the country, you can always transfer it to the garden, in the shade of the trees (subject to proper further installation and connection);
  • Safe storage. Inflatable containers are easy to fold and carry for storage in the room. Now you do not need to worry about the fact that the pool is very dirty or even freezes in winter;
  • Technical data. Thanks to modern technologies and their proper implementation in production, such reservoirs for summer cottages are of high quality. It is always possible to purchase special filters for water, quick water change systems and so on.

You can always verify the benefits, which are many, at the place of purchase. This is the original design, natural or irregular shapes (to choose from), all kinds of colors and technical capabilities. As you can see, these facts speak for themselves.

Placement of the swimming area

Choosing a product model, size, shape and color, each of us bases his opinion on the location of the pool, which is already defined. Most often this is a well-lit or slightly shaded area in the garden or on the lawn, where it will be nice to feel the coolness of clean water and at the same time enjoy the warm sunshine. But, not everything is as simple as we would like, because an inflatable pool can not be installed on any site. Its location in the country should be correctly determined, and must be prepared.

Install the structure only on a well-prepared site. It should be flat and fit the shape and size of the pool. This site must be cleaned of debris, shrubs, roots, and all that is superfluous.

It is not recommended to install the pool under trees, where falling leaves and branches can pollute or damage it, respectively.

Installation should take place at a place where there is a water supply to fill the tank, otherwise it will be very inconvenient to constantly run back and forth with buckets (which is generally unacceptable) or with a hose.

That is, an inflatable pond in the country should be installed in a convenient place for you, but next to the water and always on the site, where there will be no knots, nails and so on.

Which pool to choose for a summer residence


Everything is very simple here. Using the manufacturer's instructions and choosing the location of the pool, simply inflate it with a pump, spreading it around the site. The product will take the required shape and will be ready for filling. Use only clean water for your own comfort. It is much easier to install children's models, it depends on the small size.

How to store an inflatable pool

Initially, you will need to wash the pool well (without using harsh means), drain the water and allow the product to dry. Next, blow off the pool properly. This can be done by opening a special valve and gently pressing on certain areas to let out air from the inside. You can also use a special electric pump, which quickly removes air from the pool. At this point, you can track the presence of some damage to the coating and repair them yourself or with the help of specialists.

Just making sure that the pool is clean and completely dry, you can roll it up and put it in a special bag. Store the product in a dry and dark place at a temperature, the scope of which is indicated on the package or in the instructions.

As you know, compliance with all storage requirements for an inflatable pool will significantly extend its life.

And finally, I would like to note that in our other publications you can learn in more detail about how and where to buy a large or children's inflatable pool, how to choose the right pump for the design, why filters are needed for inflatable ponds, and so on. Also, I would like to remind you again that inflatable, frame and prefabricated models are really much cheaper than capital ones, so do not rush to start an expensive construction, but understand our offers well.

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