What can be the discharge of water from the pool

What can be the discharge of water from the pool

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Draining water from the pool is one of the most important processes of its use, therefore, it is necessary to think over it in advance. High-quality work of the drain will be ensured only if it fully complies with the type of structure, its location, as well as sanitary and technical standards.

It is possible to arrange several types of waste water discharge from the pool, each of which directly depends on many factors. Here, it is required to take into account the contamination of the liquid, its volume, discharge frequency, distance to the place of water intake.

Standard drain

The easiest way to drain water from the pool is to drain the drain to the sewer. It is possible to organize and equip everything not only with stationary structures inside the house or capital, separate buildings, but also with small inflatable and frame models.

To do this, you will only need to install the drain in the pool itself, make a connection to the sewer, lay the pipes and lay them in the right direction and with a certain slope. The liquid will leave faster if the diameter of the work is correctly selected and the distance to the sewage system is minimal.

Pool filtration management

Drain on a garden and beds

When using small pools, for example, frame pools or children's inflatable pools in general, draining often takes place simply in the garden or in the garden of the land. The task is simplified if the structure is located on a small slope or next to drainage pits and ditches. Thus, you can simply open the discharge valve or remove the hose from it to the desired location, and soon the waste water from the tank will leave by gravity, and you can replace it with clean one.

Also, for this process, you can also use a medium-power pump, which will help transform the water from the pool into an excellent head for watering flower beds and beds.

Septic tank drainage

Experts do not recommend the removal of fluid from the pool into septic tanks and cesspools, since literally in one discharge you can completely fill the volume. Another thing is if the discharge is organized in a special pit for draining sewage, which will be dug to a depth below the level of the tank, and preferably to a sand-gravel layer of soil. In this case, the contents of the structure will go away much faster, and if you use the pit strictly for its intended purpose, then it can help you with a quality drain.

Drain from the pool to water

On the part of organizing such a runoff, everything is very simple and even inexpensive, but on the part of the legality and ethical norms of a civilized person, it’s worth, of course, to think. Naturally, it is possible to arrange the discharge of waste water into a river or lake, but only if the liquid does not contain a large amount of chemistry.

Cleaning activities

In this case, it would be nice to use special filters for pools, which will be responsible for the purity of the waste water, or special sump wells. We also recommend that you definitely talk with the services of your region that oversee such issues, so as not to run into large fines for environmental pollution.

Stock System Automation

Automated runoff of water from the structure is possible in any of the above cases, and it is even recommended to increase the speed of emptying the structure and the ability to reuse the liquid (if it does not contain a large amount of chemistry).

To do this, you should consider special drainage pumps, as well as filtration equipment. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material about errors when installing pools.

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