Floribunda Rose Growing, Planting and Care

Floribunda Rose Growing, Planting and Care

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Rose Floribunda has many excellent qualities: colorfulness, wonderful aroma, long-lasting decorativeness, unpretentiousness and resistance to frost. This all makes this variety of roses one of the most popular among summer residents. The plant is used in borders, flower beds and flower beds, as decorative hedges. Today we will tell you about the planting, care and propagation of this variety of roses.

Bit of history

The story of Floribunda's roses is associated with a Danish breeder named Poulsen. He, through the crossing of Polyanthus and Hybrid Hybrid roses, received new varieties. In different countries, this group of varieties has different varieties, and in Russia this particular classification has taken root. Roses of Floribunda justify their name - after all, this word in translation means "plentifully blooming".


There are no special differences in planting compared to tea roses. Flowers are planted in spring, following the rule that the place of grafting should be 2.5 centimeters below the soil. Pruning is carried out in spring (main), in summer, and also in autumn. Plant formation depends on spring pruning; it begins immediately after planting or opening after wintering.

Pruning roses

The upper part of the shoots must be cut off (this does not depend on the variety of roses), and strong shoots can be reduced by 10-15 centimeters. On weak shoots, leave 1-2 formed buds, on strong shoots - 2-3. If roses were planted in the fall, then pruning should be done in the spring.

Main varieties

Heckenzauber. Pink terry flowers similar to camellias. Unpretentious variety with good endurance.

Sangria. Also a very hardy variety. Trimming should be done only once every few years. The flower consists of two levels - the lower one with a diameter of 6 centimeters and an inner diameter of 3 centimeters.

Friesia. Bright double flowers with a pleasant aroma. Dense compact bushes that have a height of up to 0.7 meters.

Lilly Marlene. The fiery red color, faint terry flower give an unusual combination. Bush height as in the previous variety.

Blue Baju. Pale bluish color gives contrast to the flower garden with the participation of this variety of roses.

Carte Blanche. Bushes high up to 100 centimeters, small white terry flowers with a strong aroma. Great cultivar.

Manu Meyang. Large, terry raspberry flowers, strong aroma, balanced-shaped bushes, matte healthy leaves.

Bluewunder. The flowers are pink, double, small in size, collected in fragrant inflorescences up to 50 pieces. Spreading bushes are up to 0.6 meters high with dark green leaves.

Diadem. Flowers sizes, collected in inflorescences of 5, 6, 7 pieces. The pink hue is most pronounced in the center of the bud.

Nicolo Paganini. Flowers are collected in large inflorescences.

Galaxy. Yellow buds open slowly, double flowers have the smell of linseed oil. Bushes with a height of 0.8 meters. Floribunda rose variety highly resistant to diseases.

Georgette. The buds are dark pink; when opened, they are lilac flowers. Bushes have a height of up to 100 centimeters. The leaves are large, dark, with a strong sheen.

Jubilee du prance de monaco. Bushes have a height of up to 0.8 meters, with dense foliage. Flowering is plentiful, continuous.

How to plant and grow a Floribunda rose

Using Floribunda Rose

Rosa Floribunda is most often used for landscaping garden plots, parklands as single bushes, as well as groups and flower beds. In addition, roses can be grown both indoors and in greenhouses.

The most preferred form for the use of these plants is the rose garden using flower beds, flower beds, flowerpots and other elements of landscape design. Different varieties are used in various elements of the garden.

Color matching

Roses are planted according to the layout plan, which takes into account the flowering period of flowers, their color and compatibility. The best combination is given by bright bright colors, it is possible to dilute flower beds with dark varieties. Bright varieties are preferably planted in arrays.

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