Choose a composite pool for the countryside

Choose a composite pool for the countryside

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The previously considered inflatable and frame pools are excellent for a summer cottage, but only for temporary use. You can swim or just cool in such ones only in the warm season. Which pool should you choose if you need a major construction for a suburban area, or a pond for year-round use, for example, with a special cover?

Modern technologies not only offer, but sometimes dictate to us, a choice. It is worthwhile to focus not only on the assortment presented on the market, but also on the technical characteristics and positive aspects of various options.

What are composite pools? These are artificial swimming ponds made of fiberglass and special fillers. Due to the use of modern technologies, they have high strength, even if they have a large area of ​​the mirror and the volume of water.

Composite Pool Installation


The main advantages of such designs, experts call:

  • Excellent technical specifications. The composite is highly durable and easily withstands water pressure, even in large pools. In this case, the material does not crack and remains monolithic. The bowl is quite durable, since it practically does not respond to external stimuli - the movement of soils, salts, acids and microorganisms of water, as well as chemical cleaners. The material is heat-resistant and shockproof, so it can be stated that this is one of the most durable pools known today;
  • Possibility of installation in difficult conditions. It is possible to install a composite pool even in a foundation pit with groundwater. This will be relevant for owners of sites where groundwater levels are elevated due to their proximity to natural bodies of water;
  • Guaranteed Durability. Depending on the manufacturers, the warranty period for the product can reach 20 years, the guarantee for the material is kept at 50 years;
  • Ease of maintenance. Composite fonts are very easy to maintain, this is a proven fact. An even and absolutely smooth bowl is cleaned of impurities quickly enough. For the convenience of work, special means should be used that make them even easier;
  • Hygiene. Technical characteristics of production materials imply repulsive properties for fungus, algae and mold. That is why these options are considered highly hygienic, the water in them is not polluted as quickly as in standard ones, which means that it is extremely rare to use chemical cleaning agents;
  • Cost savings. Relatively low cost, simple cleaning and minimal use of chemical cleaning agents can increase cost savings.


The advantages of composite pools described just above attract the attention of many buyers. But we believe that our readers should know everything, and therefore we regret to say that There is also a short list of disadvantages:

  • Composite pools for summer cottages are designed for installation in open areas, so it is unlikely to be able to place one in an already finished building;
  • Installation should be carried out only with the help of a professional team of specialists who will track the correctness of the process and guarantee the correctness of the installation upon completion;
  • The dimensions and appearance of the bowl, ready for installation, the buyer will have to choose only from those options that are available from the seller.

But, if you look from the practicality side, then this is a pretty good option for a summer residence, and maybe the best one, especially if you take into account the huge number of advantages and just a few disadvantages.

Composite Pool Video

Design installation

We have already mentioned that installation is carried out only by specialists, but this does not stop you from learning the algorithm and the process itself, at least externally.

Initially, a thorough inspection of the territory is carried out. It is upon its completion that the experts will determine whether it is possible to install the pool in the place that you have determined, or whether it is worth changing its location.

Having finally decided on the territory, you can proceed to the first stage. It represents the preparation of the pit and the creation of communications. These works are carried out manually, if the pool is small, and using special equipment, if a pond of large sizes and volumes is being installed. Further, the area is cleared of soil and a pillow of crushed stone is created in the pit.

The next stage involves installing the bowl in the finished pit. This happens using lifting equipment and specialists who adjust the level. Having chosen the exact position, the bowl is fixed in the pit.

At the last stage, communications and standard technical equipment are connected to ensure the operation of the pool. It can be installed near a reservoir or at a greater distance, which requires additional work and time. Formwork is also created and concrete is poured into the pit, between the bowl and the walls of the mold. By this process, the pool is finally fixed.

In principle, this is the entire list of works on installing a pool of composite materials. We did not take into account only the final decoration of the reservoir and the design of its adjacent zones, but this is no longer included in the installation, but applies to other works and the employment of other specialists.

Pools made of composite materials at the summer cottage (20 photos)

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