Drainage in the country: the choice and design of the system

Drainage in the country: the choice and design of the system

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Excessive soil moisture in the summer cottage leads to many problems, and therefore, the issue of proper drainage or a good drainage system should be solved as soon as possible.

Overmoistening of the soil of the plot, caused by snowfalls, frequent rains or high groundwater levels, can negatively affect garden and garden plants, flood the foundation of summer cottages, and also negatively affect the operation of various land allotment systems - sewage, irrigation, and so on. Therefore, if you notice that the soil at the dacha is too wet, and in some places, even in dry weather, excess moisture persists, you urgently need to take a drainage device so that excess water leaves your site in a timely manner.

Presently, there are several types of drainage from a private site, and each of them is able to cope with a similar problem at a fairly serious level. Therefore, in order to facilitate your choice and suggest how a country drain works, we started writing this material, which we hope will help you a lot.

Drainage in the country: where to start

When the problem of soil oversaturation with moisture becomes apparent, summer residents immediately think about how to fix it, but sometimes they don’t even know where to start.

First of all, you should decide for yourself exactly what the drainage will be and what tasks it should cope with. For this, it will be necessary to determine the reason for the waterlogging of the soil, then, it will be necessary to decide who will deal with the drainage device at the summer cottage - a team of specialists, or you yourself? And, finally, it will be necessary to find the answer to one more question: where will the water discharge be? If the first two questions are not very difficult to solve, then the last is worth thinking about, since some types of discharge of water from the summer cottage will require legalization, and this is both time and money.

Surface drainage in the country

Surface drainage has several solutions, each of which copes clearly with its task: point drainage and linear drainage.

A surface drainage system is the simplest option to remove moisture from atmospheric precipitation from a summer residence, but its construction requires further study and proper laying, since water will have to be removed from roofs of buildings, walkways, platforms and other places and territories.

Surface drainage device

It is very simple to arrange a surface drainage system, and this system will immediately help you get rid of excess rainwater and moisture from snow that forms in the spring. With the help of special storm systems, water from the roofs of buildings will enter special pipes and gutters and be discharged into a sewer or other place, for example, a ravine or even a country lake, and will not infiltrate the ground excessively, exceedingly beyond the normal level of humidity.

The most important thing in a surface drainage system is to correctly align the point drainage and linear drainage, as well as to arrange a drain. Do not forget that the better the grilles and filters on such systems, the more opportunities there are for using such water for personal purposes, especially since it is absolutely free.

Deep drainage in the country

Deep drainage is a kind of drainage, which helps to remove excess moisture from the site with a high level of groundwater. It can be done with your own hands, but if the budget for drainage from the cottage allows, we would advise professionals to entrust these works, since they know exactly everything about the canal system, their proper bias and the choice of pipes and drains for drainage.

Deep drainage device

Deep drainage in a small area is quite simple to arrange, the main thing here is to correctly carry out all the calculations before starting work. You will need to determine the level of groundwater occurrence, seasonality of changes in this level, the possibility of combining the problem of atmospheric and groundwater, calculate the correct number of pipes per unit area, the number of channels and the slope of the gutters. It is from such decisions that the quality of the device for deep drainage in the country depends. Further, everything is really simple - according to calculations and drawings made in advance, it is necessary to dig a grid of trenches, choose the size and material of the pipes, arrange backfill and drainage, and, so to speak, finally build a deep drainage system, which, most likely, will simply remove water from the site rather than filtering it out.

Before starting the drainage device in the country, the most correct will be its determination and selection, as well as the project, the layout scheme and the choice of place for water discharge.

Video about the drainage device in the country

As you can see it’s quite simple to choose and install a drainage system from a summer cottage, you only need to correctly determine the causes of waterlogging of the site, then you should set yourself up for work, stock up on the project, material and tools, and proceed. Immediately upon completion of the device, if, of course, it was done correctly, you will see a significant difference and stop worrying about excessive soil moisture in your area.

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